A beginner’s guide to mastering the art of harmony through Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra is an ancient practice to help you construct and build your house in harmony and synergy with the natural forces. Vastu also helps you define your living space in an orderly fashion.


 A Beginner’s Guide to Understand Vastu Shastra | Get Set Clean
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Vastu has great influence on your mind and body. It may be difficult to understand this art but there are a few basic things that you can adapt easily.

Read about the directions and their nuances. Vastu Sastra is all about the flow of energy.

1) Entrance

It is favourable when your main door opens towards the north. Also, ensure that the main entrance is well lit.

2) Bedrooms

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Paint your bedroom walls in neutral or earthy shades as it radiates positive energy. You can also use mood lighting for serenity. Avoid painting your walls black.

3) Garden pots

Grow a Tulsi or a Basil plant in the yard of your house or in the balcony. Don’t keep cactus plants inside your house. Keep them on the periphery of your house instead.

4) Kitchen

Keep your kitchen decluttered to maintain the flow of energies. Objects in the kitchen that represent fire, such as gas stove, microwave, cylinder, etc. should be kept in the south-east part of the kitchen.

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