Want your home to smell fresh all day? Here’s a quick guide!

Ever walked into a room and instantly been awed by the pleasant smells emanating from it? There are many ways you can make a room smell pleasant, such as spraying air purifiers, burning camphor, etc. But it will only do so much to make your room smell fresh. Freshness usually comes from deep cleaning the bedroom and its linens. Here are some easy ways to keep your room smelling fresh at all times!


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1. Air out your home 

Daily cleaning chores, cooking and other activities can leave a bad odour in your home, and the stale air can give off a musty smell. To ensure your home always smells fresh, it’s important to clean the air in your house. Ensure proper ventilation by opening all your windows for some time during the day or turning on an air freshener device. Apart from letting in fresh air, the built-up indoor air with high levels of moisture, odour, and dust will also be able to escape your home. 

2. Include a fabric conditioner in your wash cycle

Fabric conditioners tend to leave a pleasant fragrance on our clothes, but will they have the same effect on bed linens too? Well, we have some good news for you. With micro homecare rituals gaining popularity, accessing fabric conditioners specially designed for your bedding just got easy. You could check the Comfort Sweet Dreams Fabric Conditioner, which leaves a soothing lavender and relaxing rosemary fragrance crafted for your bed linens. It not only leaves calming fragrance on your bed linens, but its Relaxwave technology ensures you get well-rested sleep! And it’s simple to include it in your current cleaning routine too! After washing your bed linens with laundry detergent, soak them for five minutes in a bucket of water containing 20 ml of Comfort Sweet Dreams and put them out to dry. Let this fresh fragrance linger in your room all day!

3. Use a diffuser or light a perfumed candle of your choice

Comfort Sweet Dreams

A diffuser or perfumed candle is an excellent way to keep your room smelling fresh in the fragrance of your choice. With these products, you can bring a spa at home and also find yourself feeling refreshed mentally. Some studies show that when you inhale the aroma from a diffuser, your brain releases happy hormones that eventually relax you and drive your motivation with good vibes. You could also get some essential oils to diffuse for a good night’s sleep. 

4. Maintain a clean and tidy home

No matter how many diffusers or candles you use, your house will not smell good if it’s not well-kept or maintained. Ensure you have a daily cleaning routine in place and a weekly deep cleanse routine. This is to ensure you not only clean your home at a surface level but with the corners being cleaned as well, there’s no scope for bacteria, odour or dirt.

Ensure your daily cleaning schedule includes:

  • Dusting

  • Mopping

  • Vaccumming

  • Wiping down surfaces

  • Washing dishes and not piling them

  • Tossing the trash

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Consecutively, your weekly cleaning schedule must include the following:

  • Decluttering

  • Dusting hard-to-reach surfaces

  • Moving furniture and vacuuming underneath them

  • Sanitizing washrooms and other common surfaces people often use in the house 

  • Deep cleaning the floors, rugs, windows, etc. 

While the above were quick ways to keep your rooms fresh, an essential step is to include a special fabric conditioner just for your bed linens, so you can ensure that your bed always emanates the pleasant aromas of the conditioner instead of absorbing musty odours of sweat. The fragrance will stay for a long time and keep your room smelling fresh. So pamper yourself in the bedroom with pleasant aromas, soft covers, fresh feels and more. 

Here are some more reasons why a fabric conditioner just for your bedding can make you want to stay in bed all day:

  1. Spreads a soothing fragrance - Comfort Sweet Dreams fabric conditioners offer soothing fragrances of lavender and rosemary specially crafted for your bed linens. These fragrances blend in harmony to give you the perfect cosy feeling as you drift away into sweet dreams on your soft bed linens.

  2. Adds softness to the fabric - Adding fabric conditioner to the washing machine after the first wash will deposit lubricating chemicals on your bed linens and coat the fibers of your sheets, impart an unbeatable softness to them.

  3. Extends the fabric’s lifespan - Regular use of fabric conditioners for washing your linen sheets will ensure they they last for an extended period of time as it removes bacteria, germs and pilling, while also maintaining the freshness, original colour and softness of the fabric.

  4. Makes the fabric germ-free - Fabric conditioners comprise antibacterial agents that remove 99% of germs and bacteria from linen sheets, maintaining hygiene while leaving a fresh fragrance behind. 

GSC Tip: You could also include baking soda in your cleaning regimes. Baking soda is an all-natural deodorizer that works wonders to freshen up carpets, mattresses, bed linens, and more.

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Frequently asked questions on fabric conditioner

What does fabric conditioner do?

Fabric conditioner prevents fibre breakage, static cling and pilling on the bedclothes. Plus, it fills the bedclothes with a fresh and pleasant fragrance.

Is there a difference between a conditioner and a fabric conditioner?

No, there is no difference between a conditioner and fabric conditioner. The name is used interchangeably, but its purpose is to maintain softness and impart fragrance to the fabric. However, do not use conditioners meant for other uses, like hair or skin, on your fabrics.

When should you not use fabric conditioner?

You should not use fabric conditioner on water-repellent and flame-resistant fabrics as it will impact their resistant properties.

Will fabric conditioner clean clothes?

When you use a fabric conditioner with detergent, it will clean your clothes effectively. But the conditioner alone does not do the cleaning.

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