Have Questions About Washing Liquid Detergents? We Have Answered It All For You!

Washing liquid detergents are finding residence in numerous households and for good reasons! While this buzz around them is here to stay, there also comes the need to know more about concentrated liquid detergent formulas. So, we have answered some of the most important questions about them! Check them out here.


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Concentrated liquid detergent Benefits
Surf Excel Power Concentrate

Now that we have seen liquid detergents around for a while, concentrated liquid formulas has recently gained momentum, making many curious about this product. But before answering any of your doubts, there is a need to know what exactly are concentrated liquid detergents. In simple words, these detergent liquids enhance our cleaning methods, helping you get rid of the toughest of stains. Their concentrated formulations attack numerous stubborn stains from deep within the fibres, making the clothes stain-free. But that’s not all! Now that we know a little more about washing liquids, here are some of the most asked questions surrounding them and their solutions!

1. Does using concentrated washing liquids really benefit my clothes? If yes, how?

Washing liquid is a fantastic solution that dissolves in water quickly and can give you the best laundry results. One cap of a washing liquid is enough to wash a whole pile of clothes and remove tough stains sticking to them. Washing some food elements, such as oily and greasy stains, can be a headache, and they need a concentrated cleaning formula to wash off the tough stain so that it doesn’t ruin the fabric. But if you worry about the fabric damaging due to the liquid, then worry not! These cleansing formulae are tough on stains but gentle on fabrics.

2. What happens if I overuse my washing liquid detergent? Will it ruin my clothes or their colours?

The usage of washing liquid can generally depend on several factors such as:

  • Clothes labels

  • Hardness of water

  • Dirt levels

  • Type of load

Surf Excel power concentrate

For some of the toughest stains, you need to use a concentrated liquid detergent with high-cleansing power. And we have an excellent cleansing formula at hand! Surf Excel Matic Power Concentrate comes with deep stain-removal technology and ensures 2X clean and superior wash. It doesn’t end here! This innovative formula dissolves completely in the washing machine without leaving any residue in the machine or on your clothes. All you have to do is load the clothes, pour ½ a cap of power concentrate and start the machine!

3. Does switching to a concentrated liquid detergent make a difference? Am I missing out if I don't?

Concentrated liquid detergents are generally used in washers. These washers are typically built to reduce the machines' water usage. However, there is a catch. Suppose you are using a regular detergent instead of a concentrated liquid detergent. In that case, your machine will not function properly and will end up utilizing more water. So, it's better to switch to concentrated liquid detergents only if you have a washer. Summing up, no, you are not missing out. You can very well use a concentrated liquid detergent for your tough stain removal.

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4.  What type of stains can a concentrated liquid detergent remove from my clothes? Can it remove tough greasy stains?

Concentrated liquid detergents combat the toughest of stains, some of which include:

  • Hot cocoa and chocolate

  • Blood

  • Sauce

  • Red wine

  • Permanent marker

  • Excreta

These stains surely are tough to remove and will definitely need a good cleansing product to do your bidding. In such instances, Surf Excel Matic Power Concentrate is here to save the day and end all your worries about stains. This amazing liquid detergent ensures faster stain penetration and removes tough stains in machines. Besides, its intense fragrance is exotic and has a dewy and floral fruity note that gives a great post-wash effect! The balance of long-lasting fragrance with ultimate stain removal ensures a superior laundry experience.

5. How can I tell that I have used too much laundry detergent?

It is generally wise not to use too much detergent and follow the measurement on the cap. However, you can check whether you accidentally used too much washing liquid detergent by assessing any remnants of bubbles in the washing machine drum after you remove the clothes. You can also confirm it by checking whether your washing machine has a musty smell.

GSC Tip: If you put in excess detergent, you can run a second cycle in the washing machine. This will remove most of the excess detergent.

6. Where can I put the washing liquid detergent if there is no dispenser?

Liquid detergents can are generally poured into the dispenser. But you can pour it directly into the washing machine drum if there is no dispenser. Ensure you pour the liquid detergent in a circular motion and not just on a single spot. Surf Excel Matic Power Concentrate is designed for all top load and front load washing machines.

7. If my liquid detergent promises a powerful cleanse, will it leave white spots or fade my colourful clothes?

While concentrated liquid detergent might look like its powerful cleanse can attack the clothes, it is simply not true! These concentrated liquid detergents contain enzymes that protect the clothing and only attacks the stubborn stains on your clothes.

GSC Tip: Using hot water for clothes regularly can fade them quicker. Hence, use cold water and washing liquid to prevent any fading of clothes.

8. Are concentrated washing liquid different from regular liquid detergent?

The main difference between a concentrated washing detergent and a regular liquid detergent is that the former gives you a more powerful cleanse in just half a cap to remove the toughest stains in the machine. Also, such new-age formulas ensure a faster stain penetration and a superior laundry experience, making it a great addition to your laundry basket!

Frequently asked questions on Washing Liquid Detergents

Can I use washing liquid detergent with a detergent powder?

Washing liquid detergents and detergent powders are two products that can be used individually in a washer. Depending on the usage, you can determine the product you require. For instance, if you have a regular pile of clothes, then you can go with a detergent powder. But if you have some tough stains to remove, then concentrated liquid detergent is your go-to solution.

Will washing liquid detergent work in hard water on stains?

Yes, they can surely work in hard water on stains. In fact, using liquid detergent in hard water is less likely to react with the mineral content. There is also little to no residue left behind when using these detergents.

Can I use concentrated liquid detergent in both front-load and top-load machines?

Yes, concentrated liquid detergent can be used in both front-load and top-load washing machines. Just add half a cap (25 ml) to a full machine load for ultimate cleaning and an intense long-lasting fragrance.

Will concentrated liquid detergent damage my clothes?

No, quite the opposite. Concentrated liquid detergents maintain the integrity of the fabric down to its foundational fibers and give them a gentle treatment. Moreover, they leave no residue on either the clothes or the machine, keeping the quality of both intact.

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