Want Your Home Filled With Pleasant Fragrances? Here’s 4 Do’s and Don’ts to Achieve It!

Do you want to eliminate the bad odour surrounding your home or introduce some fragrance in specific spaces? Either way, a fragrant home is always a pleasant and inviting one; not only to you but to your guests as well! We explore some everyday habits you can follow to enhance your home fragrance.


Home Fragnance
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We are tied down to the familiarity of the house, and this familiarity comes from the odours within. For instance, have you ever noticed a subtle smell some houses have when you visit people’s homes? Yes, that smell is also associated with your house, but it is quite different from others. These smells are called ‘occupant odour’ and mostly come from fabrics such as bed linens, cushions, carpets, pillows and so on. These elements mesh together to form a combination of smells. But you wouldn't want your house to smell unpleasant due to them, and your everyday habits could change that! Here are four do’s and don’ts that will help you create a comfortable and fragrant home.

Do’s for Home Fragrance

Your everyday habits can make your home a pleasant and fragrant place to live in. Check out the four essential habits you should never avoid!

Change your bedsheets and bed linens every week

When you think of a comfortable place to relax in your home, your bed is the first thing that comes to mind, doesn’t it? However, a bad odour in your bedroom may put a halt to your comfort. Keeping bedsheets unwashed and neglecting them for a long time is enough to let bacteria and fungi grow on them and spread an unpleasant smell. Other elements that can leave a bad smell behind are:

Comfort Sweet Dreams
  • Body sweat

  • Hair oil

  • Food particles

  • Pets

But a simple yet effective way to make your bedroom fragrant again is up for grabs! The wonderful Comfort Sweet Dreams Fabric Conditionersaves the day with its soothing fragrances of lavender and rosemary specially crafted for your bed linens. These fragrances blend in harmony to give you the perfect soothing, cosy feeling even in this weather with its Relaxwave Technology which is specifically designed for your bed linens!

Let your closet and linens have enough ventilation

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Do you have multiple linens chucked in the corner of your closet? Well, since linens are typically made of cotton, they are hygroscopic. Meaning, they can absorb water easily from the air. And combined with the damp closet, this is a sure-shot recipe to invite musty odours from humidity, bacteria and fungi. Some easy tricks to remedy this problem are letting good ventilation into your closet and cleaning it frequently. You can clean the closet by sprinkling some baking soda that absorbs the moisture and then completing it by using your favourite essential oils.

GSC Tip: Diffuse essential oils in your home and spray them in corner of your closet. Essential oils will give your surroundings a long-lasting fragrant smell.

Treat your blankets and quilts with a fabric conditioner

A food for thought - fragrance plays an important role in emotional and mental well-being. It can impact your mood, stress and irritation in a positive manner, which is why good fragrances dotting every corner of your space is crucial. How to do that? Well, you can stimulate a fragrant and relaxing vibe by having Comfort Sweet Dreams Fabric Conditioner in your arsenal! It is a perfect addition to your cleaning routine with 99.9% anti-bacterial action and unbeatable softness for a cozy sleep. Talk about amazing fragrances? They come in soothing fragrances of lavender and rosemary for your bed linens! Post detergent wash, simply soak fabrics for 5 minutes in a bucket of water containing 20 ml of Comfort Sweet Dreams. You don’t even require a rinse after.

Whether it is your bed or your comfort zone on the sofa, you can sleep like a baby!

Make sure to clean your carpets and rugs occasionally

Carpets make their appearance in almost every living space. So isn’t there a possibility of them spreading musty odours if not washed properly or at all? It’s best not to ignore them for long because moisture seeping into these carpets is the top culprit in emanating odours into your surroundings. This can come from humidity and spills, which puts them under the radar of dust, mould and bacteria attacks, leaving musty odours in the air. To get fragrant carpets, you can:

  • Take 4-5 drops of essential oils

  • Mix it with 100ml of water and pour it in a spray bottle

  • Spray this liquid onto the carpet that smells foul.

It will leave your carpet smelling fresh and pleasant!

Don’ts for Home Fragrance

Some everyday habits we unknowingly surround our home with bad odour. Here are the four habits ou should always avoid!

Not letting your clothes dry completely

With the winter season in tow, you will notice your clothes barely drying even after giving them sufficient time. And if you pile them up without letting them fully dry, these clothes will end up retaining moisture from the environment. So, it is important to maintain the airflow in them so that the water evaporates from the fabric and leaves no ground for stinky elements.

Not opening the windows in your living spaces during winters

In the cold winters, it is certainly wise to close the windows, but not wise for the dampness that accumulates in your home surroundings. Keeping your windows close for more than a day and stopping the air circulation leaves the environment smelling stale. Opening your windows once or twice a day will let the fresh air in, making your house smell pleasant.

Avoiding cleaning your washing machine once in a while

It is ironic to think that your washer might need its own washing. Bacteria and dirt settle on the washing machine surface and behind the drum after a while. Dirt-like nasty niffs and black mildew are also prone to grow, which will lead the machine and fabrics to smell bad. It is always important to clean the washing machine once every month.

GSC Tip: Don’t leave your wet clothes in the washer for too long. Due to the dark and wet environment in the washing machine, wet clothes can produce mildew, leaving your clothes and washer smelling bad.

Leaving your dirty clothes piled in living spaces

You might be tempted to delay your cleaning day, but piling these dirty and smelly clothes in living spaces? Definitely avoid that! The nasty odour associated with your unclean clothes spreads through the air in the environment, which can drive your guests away. Instead, leave your pile of laundry in the bathrooms or other storage space away from the living areas.

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Frequently asked questions on home fragrances

What do realtors use to make the houses fragrant?

Freshly baked cookies, lavender cleaner, freshly applied paint, citric smells, clean carpets and rugs and the fresh smell of wood are some of the elements that real estate agents use to make their houses smell good.

How to make your house smell good quickly?

Some simple ways that can make your house smell good quickly include filling the kitchen sink with soapy water to eliminate any stench, moving the trash far away from the living spaces, dusting the surfaces with a cleaner, and finishing off with an air freshener.

What removes odours from your house?

Using simple home ingredients such as baking soda, distilled white vinegar, vanilla extract, essential oils, lemons, coffee grounds and scented candles are some of the effective ways to get rid of bad odour. Further, you can also keep your interiors airy and fabrics clean to freshen your surroundings.

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