Want to up your waterborne disease knowledge? Here’s some comprehensive information of diseases and the preventative measures that you can take

Did you know, up to 80% of diseases are waterborne? Knowing some basic information about them can be of help so that you can take the necessary precautions. Here is a list of key waterborne diseases, their causes and preventive measures.


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Tips to Prevent Water-Borne Diseases
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  • Cholera Cholera is contracted by ingesting contaminated, toxic water and seafood. As a preventive measure, add a spoon of bleach to 20 litres of water to disinfect it. Let it sit for 60 minutes before consumption.

  • Typhoid This fever is common in places with poor hygiene. Preventive measures include taking due care of sanitation and hygiene in your vicinity. Wash hands before eating and after using the washroom. Wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly prior to consumption.

  • Dysentery Most common cause of dysentery is the consumption of raw fruits and vegetables that have been irrigated with contaminated water. Preventive measures include following strict hygiene. Chlorination or iodine treatment of water is a must.

  • Gastroenteritis (Traveller’s Disease) It is transmitted by consuming infected food and water and also through contact with infected surfaces. The symptoms include stomach ache, nausea and diarrhoea. . Preventive measures include boiling/distillation of water and reverse osmosis.

It is recommended to invest in a decent water purifier. RO water purifier works wonders when it comes to eliminating these pathogens from your drinking water.

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