Tips & Tricks to organise your fridge

An overcrowded and unorganised fridge makes completing chores in the kitchen a cumbersome task. It can also lead to spills and stench in the fridge.


How to Organise your Fridge | Get Set Clean
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These smart tips and tricks will help you organise your fridge and make life in the kitchen a bit easier.

Upper shelves. Place food items that don’t require cooking, such as deli meats and leftovers, on this shelf, as you won’t be using these shelves and the items every day.

Middle shelves. All dairy items should be stored here as you will be using this shelf quite often. Items such as milk, cheese and yogurt are consumed every day so keep them where they are easily accessible.

Bottom shelf. All the fresh meat and raw items should be stored on this shelf as it is bigger in comparison to other shelves.

Drawers. Vegetables, salads and fruits should be kept in the drawer where they can be compartmentalised and are easily accessible.

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Door shelves. Store food items that have natural preservatives, such as condiments, jams and juices on the door shelves.

Discard food items that have expired or have become stale to declutter your fridge.

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