Try These Cleaning Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Kitchen Pest-Free

Leftover or uncovered food items in the kitchen attract pests. Employ these quick kitchen cleaning tips to keep your kitchen pest-free.


Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Kitchen Pest-Free | Get Set Clean
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Unclean kitchens attract a lot of unwanted guests. The sight of a line of ants crawling towards a fresh batch of jalebis or a cockroach feasting on the crumbs of sweets on your kitchen platform is enough to put you off food. Yes, we’re going to help you banish those bugs from your kitchen.

Having bugs in your kitchen is not just annoying but also unhygienic. If left unchecked, they can cause a variety of infections. Simple things like cleaning your kitchen every day and ensuring that there is no uncovered food on your kitchen counter can make a huge difference. 

You must also make it a habit to clean your platform thoroughly after you’ve finished cooking, ensuring that there are no food crumbs lying around to attract bugs.

Here are some easy and effective tips to help you maintain a pest-free kitchen.

1) Seal It Up

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Without proper fittings or sealants, pests can easily enter your kitchen and start breeding. Make sure that the crevices in your kitchen walls, exterior doors and pipes are properly sealed. If you find gaps, seal them immediately.

2) Keep Your Food Covered

Pests have natural detectors to track food from afar. So, always keep your food covered. You can use airtight pouches or air-lock containers to store your food items.

3) Get Rid of Leftovers Immediately

Leaving leftover takeout food in the open in cardboard boxes, paper bags, or aluminium foil is like setting the table for pests. The moment any box of sweets is over, just throw it in the dustbin and remember to clean the floor.

Make sure you never leave the food in your kitchen uncovered in an open area. Also, ensure that your bin is not overflowing. These simple tips can help you keep pests out of your home for good!

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