Simple Solution to Remove Stains from Your Kitchen Containers

Frequent handling of containers in your kitchen can leave fingerprints, spice and oil stains on them. Try these simple cleaning tips to remove them easily.


 Simple Solution to Remove Stains from Your Kitchen Containers
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When you’re engrossed with cooking delicious food, you often forget to wash your hands before juggling between multiple storage containers. This can lead to sticky oil and spice stains on your containers that make them look unclean. But don’t worry, even the most stubborn stains are not difficult to remove. With the right cleaning method, you will be able to rid your containers of those stubborn stains.

Try this easy step-by-step solution to restore the look of your kitchen containers.

Step 1: Wipe

Take a sponge and wipe the inside and outside of your containers to remove loose dirt, dust and oil stains. This will make the process of cleaning stubborn deposits easy.

Step 2: Make a Cleaning Solution

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Now make a cleaning solution by combining 2 tbsp. of white vinegar, 2 tsp. of dishwashing liquid and 1 cup of lukewarm water in a bowl. Mix well.

Step 3: Apply

Use a scrubbing pad to apply this solution on the containers. Scrub it thoroughly and wait 1 minute. This will loosen stubborn stains.

Step 4: Wash

Wash the container thoroughly with lukewarm water. If you can still see stains, repeat Steps 3 and 4.

Step 5: Dry

Take a clean microfibre cloth and pat-dry your containers. Then, place them in sunlight to dry completely.

With this simple cleaning method, your kitchen containers will be squeaky clean. You can use this method for containers made of glass, steel and plastic.

Key Step:

You can use the remaining cleaning solution to wash your utensils too. When cleaning glass containers, avoid using a scrubber that is abrasive. Instead, opt for a nylon scrubber that’s easily available in the market.

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