Kitchen Cabinet Handles Too Greasy to Touch? Let's Make them Shine

Looking for cleaning tips to remove greasy, oily deposits on your kitchen cabinet handles? Try these steps to revive them.


Kitchen Cabinet Handles Too Greasy to Touch? Let's Make them Shine
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Kitchen cabinet handles are often not cleaned thoroughly while cleaning your kitchen. Dirt, oil and steam often accumulate on your cabinet handles, making them look greasy.

Here’s an easy way to clean the dirt and stickiness, and get them shining again.

Step 1: Dust

Dust your cabinet handles using a cloth. This will remove most of the loose dirt and ease the further cleaning process.

Step 2: Do the Prep

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Before moving onto step 3, place a towel on the ground to catch any water drips.

Step 3: Clean the Handles

Take a cloth dampened in water and start cleaning the handles.

Step 4: Make a Cleaning Solution

Take a bowl of warm water, add 2 tsp. of dishwashing gel and 1 tsp. of lemon juice. Mix well.

Step 5: Clean the Handles

Take a scrubbing pad, dampen it in this solution and thoroughly clean the handles. Thoroughly scrub for a minute. The properties in the lemon juice will remove even the toughest of the oil deposits. Keep squeezing the dirty water out of the scrubbing pad and dampening it back with the cleaning solution.

Step 6: Scrub clean

Use an old toothbrush to clean the hard-to-reach corners.

Step 7: Wipe

After scrubbing, take a clean sponge dampened in water, and wipe clean. Make sure the soapy residue is completely removed from the handles. Repeat this process if needed.

Try this easy method to get your kitchen cabinet handles squeaky clean. Your clean and shiny cabinet handles will instantly enhance the beauty of your kitchen.

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