Grease Stains on Your Kitchen Surfaces? Make Them Vanish!

Read on for amazing tips on how you can clean grease stains from common kitchen surfaces.


How to Remove Grease Stains from Your Kitchen Surface | Get Set Clean
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You’re preparing lunch or dinner, and suddenly there are grease stains everywhere – on the appliances, the furniture and even the walls.  

Don’t panic. Those marks might look bad, but they aren’t difficult to remove. Read our simple and practical tips for removing grease stains from your kitchen to make sure it always looks sparkling clean!

Act fast. If you don’t clean off stains as soon as they appear, they may turn stubborn and require heav-duty cleaning later.

1) Wall Stains

Before choosing a cleaning agent, it’s important to know the type of paint used on your walls. Different cleaning products target different paint bases, i.e. matte, water-based or acrylic ones. Ensure you read the label or instruction guide carefully beforehand.

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Another option is to use a solution of water and vinegar. Mix 12-cups water and 2-cups white vinegar and wipe the wall with a soft sponge dampened in this solution. Next, rinse and dry the wall with a clean cloth.

If the paint is water-based, a multipurpose cleaner could strip it of its colour. Instead, clean the wall with a soft sponge soaked in 1-cup undiluted vinegar.

If you’re unsure about the type of paint used, begin by first testing the cleaning solution in a small inconspicuous area of the wall and check the result.

2) Dustbin Stains

Use an old, disposable cloth to clean the bin. Pour 1-tsp. of a surface cleaner on the cloth and wipe the surface of the bin inside and out. Next, rub the cleaner off.

Bins can get very grubby after heavy use, so it’s best to clean them outside the house to avoid dirtying the kitchen floor.

3) Floor Stains

Mix 12-cups water and 2-cups of a good quality surface cleaner in a bucket. Soak a cloth or mop in this mixture and clean the floor. Later, rinse and dry the floor thoroughly.

4) Kitchen-Cabinet Stains

Remove all dishes, pots and platters from the kitchen cabinets. Make a cleaning solution of 3-litres water and 3-tbsp. white vinegar, dampen a clean sponge in it and use it to clean the cabinets. Rinse and dry the cabinets with a clean cloth.

Using the right product will help you remove those pesky grease stains easily.

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