Win the best parent award with these 3 fun DIY gift wrapping ideas that you can carry out with your kid

Bored of playing the same games with your kids? Here are some amazing DIY gift wrapping ideas that will help you and your kids’ explore your creativity!


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3 Amazing DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas for Your Kids | Get Set Clean

Paint splatter

Wrap your gifts with plain uncoated wrapping paper (black, brown or white). Using a toothbrush, randomly splatter paint of your choice on the wrapping paper. Make sure the colour consistency isn’t too watery or too thick.

Put an easy bow

Take four sheets of wax paper, cut them into 10×10 cm squares. Layer them on top of each other and then fold back and forth like a fan and then tie in the center with a bit of string and then trim the ends accordingly to any design. Fluff it up and put it over the box.

Potato Stamps

Use old stamping method with a modern twist. Cut potatoes in designs of your choice, be it an olive branch, arrows, squares or stars. Colour the cut outs and stamp them over plain uncoated wrapping paper.

Go ahead, unleash your creativity!

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