An Easy Week-Long Deepavali Cleaning Calendar to Make Your Home Sparkle This Festival of Lights!

To make your Diwali 2019 cleaning easy, we have devised an easy-peasy week-long plan so you can make a schedule to declutter your home in time for the festive season.


How to Make Your Home Sparkle this Diwali | Get Set Clean
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Diwali is almost here! It’s time for all colourful things - rangoli making, lighting diyas and lamps, offering prayer during Lakshmi pujan, wearing beautiful outfits, gorging on delicious sweets and savouries with your family and friends. The festivities bring your near and dear ones together to celebrate.

To make your home clean and spotless for this auspicious time, we have compiled a methodical plan to help you clean every nook and corner in your home.

Playing your favourite music will help make this process more fun.

1) Day 1: Declutter

Start by getting rid of unwanted objects. These include your old or broken furniture; expired packaged food, medicines and perfume; clothes; cartons, delivery boxes and disposable food containers, papers, bags and stationery. And it means clearing out cupboards, lofts and attics, drawers, cabinets and shelves, and your fridge.

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2) Day 2: Dust-Cover-Dust

On the second day, start dusting and vacuuming your sofas and armchairs, beds and curtains, and any other stuffed furniture. Then cover the furniture with old sheets or newspapers to protect them while you clean the rooms. Then, dust your walls, ceilings, doors, windows and lofts, and clear them of cobwebs.

3) Day 3: Wet Cleaning

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Clean your walls and ceilings, fans, lights, furniture, doors, windows and floors with damp cloths and mops. Once you are done with cleaning everything, wipe down with a cloth wrung out with water, then dry by wiping with a dry cloth, or simply let them air-dry.

4) Day 4: Laundry

On Day 4, wash your rugs, doormats, curtains, drapes, bedsheets and washable duvets. Avoid washing everything together; make individual batches of similar things and wash in separate loads. You’ll need to load your washing machine a number of times, so pace it out.

5) Day 5: Kitchen Cleaning

Start with cleaning your stove and chimney. Then clean your shelves and cabinets. And move on to cleaning your utensils, crockery, gas stove, kitchenappliances and sink. Then, clean your fridge from the inside-out. After everything is cleaned and dried, store your utensils and crockery back in their shelves.

6) Day 6: Bathroom Cleaning

Start by emptying your shelves and then clean everything, including taps, mirrors, tiles, showerheads, toilet bowl, door, exhaust fan, fixtures and any other bathroom accessories. Discard unwanted items. Once everything is cleaned, allow the area to air-dry before you put everything in place.

7) Day 7: Rearrange Your Closets

You've already cleaned your closets and cupboards. Now sort the contents by category - dresses, tops, shirts, ethnic-wear, outerwear, accessories etc. Toss or donate any items you don’t use anymore.

There you go! Light your favourite lamp, sit back with a hot cup of tea and relax! And let the festivities begin!

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