Try These 9 Easy Ways to De-clutter Your Home

We’d all love to wake up to a spick-and-span home. With a little effort on your part, you can clear the mess in your home and make it look attractive at all times.


9 Easy Ways to Declutter Your Home | Get Set Clean
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A clutter-free space is a haven. A haven you can live and relax in. Clearing your home opens up space for you to do new things. It gives you a chance to turn cluttered places into functional spaces. It also gives you a chance to redefine your space. Are you ready to create the framework to make your house a clutter-free home?

Let’s begin.

1)   Four Boxes

Get four big cartons and label them – “Trash”, “Give Away”, “Keep”, and “Relocate” – to divide all your stuff. Make sure that you don’t forget any item.

2)   Use Clear Containers

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In your kitchen, store food or liquid items in clear containers. It helps you see the items so you can stock up only when needed.

3)   Use Storage Space Smartly

Look for smart storage spaces for items that you use on a regular basis. Consider using shelves, drawer organisers, multi-tier organisers to neatly organise your things. This will keep your items from getting all over the place.

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4)   Use the Elimination Method

Make sure you only retain and store important things that are absolutely essential.

5)   Use the Closet-Hanger Method

In your closet, hang all your fresh clothing in the same direction, and those clothes that are to be sent to be laundered in the opposite direction. This will keep both the types of garments from getting mixed up.

6)   Use the 33x3 Rule

Consider wearing only 33 articles of clothing for three months.

7)   Use the 12-12-12 Rule

Quickly locate 12 items that you can discard; 12 items that you can donate; and 12 items that you can return to their original storage spaces.

8)   Use the ‘Give 1 Item Away Every Day’ Rule

This will help you de-clutter, one day at a time.

9)   Use the ‘Sell it Off’ Rule

You should consider selling gadgets, appliances and anything else that you don’t use or need any more, or which has become outdated.

There you have it! Attaining the clean, de-cluttered home of your dreams is within your reach.

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