Easy Tips to Fix and Maintain Your Water Purifier

Are you facing problems with your water purifier? We have a list of 4 simple and effective tips to help you fix problems and maintain the efficiency of your water purification system.


Easy Tips to Maintain Your Water Purifier at Home | Get Set Clean
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Installing a water purifier in your home is important, considering the poor quality of the water supplied to your home. Unfiltered water has impurities in it, so it’s essential you filter it before drinking. Your water purifier constantly filters various impurities, and it’s necessary to boost its efficiency and fix problems periodically.

The next time you face a problem with your water purifier, try these tips. 

1)   Bad Odour in the Water

Over time, the water from your purifier could start smelling and tasting bad. This happens due to the accumulation of contaminants in your purifier, affecting its efficiency. If you notice a bad odour or taste in the water, consider cleaning or replacing its filter. You might have to take professional help to figure out the problem and fix it.

2)   Soiled Filter Cartridge

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The filter cartridges of your water purifier often get clogged due to the constant filtration process. This might affect the flow of water. We suggest you clean or replace them every 2-3 months. Check your product manual for cleaning instructions and advice on when to replace them.

3)   Leakage

Leakages could happen as a result of loose or faulty installation. Make sure you get a professional to tighten the purifier’s parts to avoid further leakages or drips. Also, every 2-3 months, call a technician for a thorough check-up.

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4)   Best Practices

Remember not to drink water from your purifier immediately after assembling or reassembling the system. We suggest you fill and drain the tank completely at least once before using it.

Use these tips to keep your water purifier in a healthy state.

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