Tips to declutter home

Has the clutter in your home piled up? These tips will help you declutter your home and keep it like that.


How to Declutter Your Home | Get Set Clean
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It’s surprising how even the smallest corners in your home can collect piles of stuff. Your books, clothes, accessories, shoes and a lot of other things add to the clutter. No matter how much you clean, the stuff keeps piling up, and your to-do list keeps getting longer. But it’s easy to declutter your home, and we have a list of simple tips for you to follow.

1)  Divide and Label Clothes

Take 3 boxes and label them- regular-use, occasional-use and rare-use. Basis the frequency of use, divide the items in each box. Keep putting the used items back in each box after you are done with them. It will help you keep most of the clutter at bay.

2)  Combine Similar Items

Always combine similar items. For example, in your kitchen, keep a large container with your snacks in it; similarly, a box with their breakfast items. The same process can be followed for their toys, books etc. Rather than using multiple small containers to stock one type of item, use one large container which can contain many similar items. We suggest you use a transparent container to spot the items you need easily.


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3)  Use Spare Travel Bags

You can use your travel bags to store your winter clothes or garments you don’t regularly use. In another bag, you can store extra blankets and bedsheets.

4)  Use Hangers

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To sort piled up clothes, use hangers. Putting your clothes on hangers also increases your storage area, and makes the space looks neat. What’s more, it will keep your clothes from wrinkling as well!

5)  Install Wall Hooks

Wall hooks come in handy when it comes to hanging your scarves, belts, accessories, sling bags and caps. This helps keep your accessories in order.

6)  Donate Old/Unwanted Items

Donate anything that’s no longer of use to you or your family. These include old clothes, books, shoes, bags, kitchen items, etc. You never know who might need them.

There you go! Try these tips to declutter your home.

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