How to Clean Your Washing Machine

Many people think a washing machine is a self-cleaning machine, but it isn’t. It needs to be cared for and cleaned every once in a while.


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How to Clean Your Washing Machine | Get Set Clean

At times, when you overlook the cleaning process of your washing machine, it starts stinking, and sometimes it even does not clean your clothes properly.\

Worry not, as we have outlined a process to clean your washing machine thoroughly:

Run the machine with hot water on an empty load once a month.

Step 1:

Clear the drum. Using a dry cloth, clear all the lint from the drum walls.

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Step 2:

Make a solution. Mix ¼ a cup of baking soda with ¼ a cup of water. Add this solution to your machine’s detergent container. Pour 2 cups of white vinegar into the drum and run an empty load at high heat.

Step 3:

Technique. Post the empty load, clean and scrub all the dirty spots with the rough side of a sponge dipped in a solution of one ¼ a cup of vinegar and ¼ a cup of water. Also, do not forget to clean the rubber seal and the lint filter using the same solution.

Step 4:

Final move. To maintain freshness, use detergents made for high-efficiency machines. Keep the drum dry between cycles, clear the detergent drawer, lint filter, and clean the gasket whenever required.

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