Keep your home dust free with these 5 super cool cleaning ideas

When it comes to getting rid of dust from the surfaces of your household, wrapping plastic all over seems like one crazy yet effective solution. But, guess what, our solutions are crazy-proof. Follow these tips to ensure a dust-free living space.


5 Easy Ways to Keep your Home Dust-Free | Get Set Clean
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1) No shoe:

No-shoe inside your home

Follow a no-shoe policy inside your house. This cuts out a major amount of dust.

2) Vacuum:

Vacuum cleaner to clean carpets
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Invest in a good quality vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet in your house. 

Be sure to change the vacuum filter at regular intervals and also make sure it is in proper working condition.

3) Bedding: 

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Dust Cleaning Tips

Dust your bedding, pillows and rugs regularly. These are places where dust tends to accumulate more often.

4) Deep cleaning:

Deep cleaning Tips

Sweep and mop your house thoroughly, every day. Clean the walls with a microfibre cloth and some water in a spray bottle. Feather dusters are ineffective so invest in a good microfibre cloth.

5) Get rid:

Discard piles of newspapers, magazines and everything that is unnecessary. This will ensure that the surfaces can be cleaned easily.

Follow these tips to avoid dust and stay worry-free!

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