How to Keep Your Washing Machine Smelling Great All the Time!

A fragrant washing machine will keep your laundry smelling fresh too. Try these tips to keep your washing machine smelling great.


How to Keep your Washing Machine Smelling Fresh | Get Set Clean
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Your washing machine can also make your clothes smell good. Here we show you how to keep your washing machine smelling great with some simple tips.

To keep your clothes and your washing machine smelling great, we suggest you buy a fragrant detergent. It will leave your washing machine smelling amazing after every wash.

1) Clean the Drum

The first step to keeping your washing machine fresh is to care for it regularly. Take out wet clothes as soon as possible after the load is done. To clean your machine’s drum, combine lukewarm water and bleach, 1 cup each, in a large bowl. Mix it well. Take a clean cloth, dampen it with this solution and clean the drum. Then wipe with another clean wet cloth. Do this once a week. While using bleach, remember to wear rubber gloves as a safety precaution.

2) Clean the Soap Dispenser

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Take out the soap dispenser from your washing machine. Combine a solution with 1 cup of warm water and 1 tsp. of dishwashing liquid. Use a sponge dampened in this solution to clean your soap dispenser. To make it smell good, take ½ a bucket of warm water, add 1 tsp. of essential oil and drop the soap dispenser in this solution. Let it sit for 15 minutes. Take the dispenser out and rinse to remove the solution. Then put it back into your washing machine.

3)   Use Vinegar and Baking Soda

Take 2 cups of warm water, add 3 cups of vinegar and ½ a cup of baking soda in it. Mix well and add this cleaning agent to your washer. Run the longest cycle. This will clean all the accumulated dirt and leave your washer smelling great.

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4) Keep Your Machine Dry

Always keep your washing machine dry. After each load, keep the lid of your machine open. This will allow air to circulate. Also wipe the glass and door gasket. You can use a solution of 1 bowl of lukewarm water and 5-6 drops of your favourite essential oil to wipe your washing machine in and out.

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