Ways to keep your living room neat & clean

Keeping your living room clean could be task. Here are some effective ways to keep your living room neat and clean.


How to Keep your Living Room Neat & Clean | Get Set Clean
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An expert guide to keeping the living room neat and clean, like a true pro.

Living room is probably the most used space in the house and keeping it clean can be a hassle. Follow this quick guide in tidying the place.

1) Start with putting everything in its rightful place. If anything does not belong to the living room then move it.

2) Stack up newspapers, magazines, and books neatly in a pile or keep them in bookshelves.

3) A sofa or a couch is the main focus in your living room. It is important to keep it neat and clean. Clean the pillow covers regularly. Also, you can use the vacuum cleaner weekly to keep the sofa and the carpet dust-free.

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4) Use an extending duster to get around the lamp, bulb, and chain/mount. By carefully working the duster through the fixture, you'll catch any cobwebs hanging on the inside.

5) Use a micro-fibre cloth for cleaning the TV screen. Keep the sound system and other appliances dust-free.

You can always use compartments, boxes, etc. to keep the not-so-necessary things and save most of your time. These are some of the effective tips to keep your living room neat and clean.

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You can colour co-ordinate your sofa, curtains, drapes, and other tapestry.

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