Most Efficient Ways for a Quick Clean-up!

Deep cleaning your house before the arrival of a surprise guest can seem over-whelming, but if you have a couple of hours on your hands, these tips can help you make your house look spick and span! Here are some of the most efficient ways to clean your house quickly!


How to Clean Your House Fast | Get Set Clean
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1) Kitchen cleaning

Cleaning kitchen is not hard because most of the stuff in your kitchen can be cleaned using the dishwashing soap, vinegar, warm water and baking soda. Use a lemon dipped in vinegar to clean your fridge.

The most used rooms during the time of any guest’s visit will be the living room and the bathroom, so give them the most amount of cleaning time.

2) Cleaning the bedroom

Start with the boxes in the bed. Do not use detergent; just use dry cloth to clean it. Spread clean bed covers, and bed sheets and pillow covers. Dust every possible surface, and then do the usual cleaning using a disinfectant. Use a soft micro-fibre cloth for all glass surfaces.

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3) Bathroom cleaning

Apply toilet cleaner on the insides of the pot. Put everything outside; the shampoos, soaps, buckets, etc. and start scrubbing the shelves with a liquid cleaner using the rough side of a sponge. Brush and flush the toilet bowl, use a wiper to drain excess water from the floor, and then let your bathroom dry for about an hour before you put things back.

Follow these steps and welcome your guests to a clean and fresh home!

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