Precautions to follow during Holi

Having guests over to celebrate Holi? Follow these Holi precautions and safety tips and welcome guests with open-arms without worrying about the clean-up needed after.


Precautions to follow during Holi
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Holi is a wonderful celebration of colours that can be revitalizing and a pleasant experience for the entire family. However, when it comes to the post-celebration cleanup, there is plenty to do!

Try these Holi safety tips – including guidance on finding the right Holi colour remover – and get ready for the festival.

Staying safe during Holi includes learning how to be safe from Holi colours. Come up with a cleaning plan a week in advance and utilize our Holi protection tips to ensure your home is ready for the festival.

Precautions to follow during Holi

If you’re planning to host your family this Holi, you need to spend some time getting your home ready for the event. Take some time to clean your home ahead of your guests arriving, and follow these Holi protection tips to make sure nothing precious gets damaged:

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  1. Use old or dark coloured towels in your bathrooms that won’t show Holi stains clearly.

  2. Close off areas with carpets, particularly light-coloured ones, so that your guests don’t accidentally stain the fabric.

  3. Section off an area outside for your bonfire. Remember to follow important Holi safety tips such as keeping the bonfire controlled and putting barriers in front of it so that young children and animals can’t get too close.

  4. Apply colours to each other outside and have an area where people can rinse themselves down, or get changed before coming into your home.

5) Keep your bonfire confined to a set space outside, and keep children and animals away from it.

  1. Clean all surfaces before and after the celebration with a surface cleaner like Domex.

  2. Make sure you have a quality detergent like Surf Excel, which works as a Holi colour remover.

  3. Empty bins before and after you welcome guests to prevent garbage from accumulating.

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How to be safe from Holi colours after the celebration?

Of course, even with these safety tips, you’re still likely to end up with some colour stains in your home and on your clothes.

For advice on finding a Holi colour remover for your clothes (particularly white clothes), read our article here.

For general advice on cleaning up your home, read on further:

  1. Vacuum, sweep, and mop all the floors thoroughly. This can be done as a part of your Holi preparation but should also be done afterwards to pick up any loose colour powder or fresh stains.

  2. Wipe all surfaces using a surface cleaner like Domex. Staying safe from Holi colours means focusing on hard surfaces as well as fabrics. So, pay close attention to kitchen counters and bathroom surfaces, which are the most likely areas to be used by your guests.

  3. Launder clothes, towels, and sheets with a fragrant detergent such as Surf Excel. This is a great tip for your Holi precautions as well as the cleanup because it means your guests can enjoy beautifully scented towels and linen. After the event, the stain fighting power of the detergent will help remove any residual colour stains.

From these Holi safety tips, you can learn how to clean and prepare your home for guests and get everything back to normal after they’ve left.

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