Sure-Shot Fixes for Common Problems in Your Water Purifier

Here are five commonly found problems in a water purifier, and easy ways for you to fix them. It’s simple!


Sure-Shot Fixes for Common Problems in Your Water Purifier
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Drinking clean water is a basic necessity and selecting the best water purifier for your home is a good investment. However, at times, you might notice a few problems in your water purifier, which could interfere with the water flow. But we’ve got you covered.

Here are five commonly found problems in a water purifier and easy ways to fix them.

Let’s get you started.

Replacing the filters periodically and opting for annual maintenance plans is vital to keep your water filter in good condition.

1) Leakage

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In case the parts of your water purifier are not appropriately fitted during installation, there are chances that it could develop leaks. Check for the source of the leakage and fix the issue properly. Seek professional help if needed.

2) Odour

After installing a new water purifier, make sure you drain the water entirely from the tank before you start using it. Also, sometimes, the filter or membrane gets clogged and might need replacement. To know if this could be the case, get it checked professionally.

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3) Taste

Overused filters could lead to a bad taste in water. Make sure you change the filters periodically. Refer to the product manual to know how or when to replace the filter.

4) Continuous Flow

If water runs without stopping, check the valve to see if it is properly shut. If you find the valve damaged, get it replaced. We suggest you seek professional help if needed.

5) Slow Flow

The flow of water could get affected if your purifier’s filter is clogged. In this case, call a professional to get it fixed. Sometimes, a high level of TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) in the original water may also be the cause of the problem. This usually happens during the monsoons, as during this period, TDS levels tend to increase. But don’t worry, the problem should resolve itself once the TDS level is in balance again.

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