Find a Washing Machine That Fits Your Budget and Your Family!

Are too many washing machine options confusing you? Here’s a washing machine purchase guide which tells you how to narrow down your search for the perfect one!


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Find a Washing Machine That Fits Your Budget! | Get Set Clean
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A washing machine is typically an expensive purchase, and it is important to keep some factors in mind when buying one. After all, it’s one of the most used electrical appliances in your home! Here are some factors you must take into consideration before deciding which one to buy, including whether it fits your budget.

To help you get the best return on your investment, here is a list of factors you should consider. 

1) Type of Load

Front-loading machines are expensive when compared to top-loading machines. But what is important to note is that front-loading machines use less water. You need to decide whether cost or water consumption is more important to you before you move forward.

2) Automatic or Semi-Automatic

If you’re a working person, it might be better to buy an automatic one, it’s quick and convenient. However, these are expensive when compared to a semi-automatic one. An automatic washing machine can do everything for you at the touch of a button. Whereas a semi-automatic one will require some manual work from your end, e.g. moving wet clothes to another tub for drying.

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3) Energy Efficiency

Opt for a machine that uses technologies such as aqua-saver, motor efficiency, eco-friendly wash, etc. Such machines can help you save on your water and power bills.

4) Size Matters

Don’t go for a bigger machine unless you need it. The biggest disadvantage of picking a large appliance is the space it takes up in your home. The usual load is 6 kg for a family of four. If you can manage with a smaller one, pick that; you can always run two loads.

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5) Additional Feature

Look for additional features, such as temperature control and dedicated wash cycles which make the process easier and quicker. You can also look for one that has an automatic dispenser. They dispense the laundry product used, such as bleach, fabric conditioner or detergent.

Keep this list ready when you start your hunt for the perfect washing machine. 

Top Tip

Once you have found the ideal washing machine, while using the appliance, we recommend using Surf Excel Matic Liquid, which has been specially formulated for your machine and helps maintain your machine’s life.

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