Creative ways to reuse plastic bottles

In case you have a lot of plastic bottles and containers lying around your house or office, don’t throw them away. Get creative with it.


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How to Reuse Plastic Bottles | Get Set Clean

Repurpose these plastic bottles and create something useful.

  • Plastic cupsMake plastic bottle cups to store and organise your stationery items on your desk.
  • Store snacks and other food itemsReuse plastic containers to store snacks, cereals, pulses, etc. These plastic containers can also be used to store sugar, salt and other similar products.
  • Plastic bottle planterCut the bottom third of a 2-litre bottle, put soil in it and sow a few seeds to plant a sapling.
  • Piggy banksCreate a piggy bank using a plastic bottle and use it to save money.
  • Phone stand/Charging dockTake a lotion bottle, cut it into half and attach a hook at the top to hang it on a wall. Hang this dock near the charging slots.
You can paint the entire bottle to add some colour or you can leave it transparent to check your savings regularly.

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