Check out these 10 ways to make better use of your wardrobe space!

An overcrowded wardrobe where you can’t find what you need is an absolute bummer.


How to Organise your Wardrobe | Get Set Clean
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Check out these easy hacks to make the most of your wardrobe space and organize it efficiently.

  • Spring cleanBite the bullet and scale down. Throw or give away clothes that don’t fit you, have faded or have gone out of fashion.

  • Use hangersUse wooden hangers to hang clothes, such as shirts, dresses, suits, etc.

  • Peg two outfits on one hangerHanging your clothes will take relatively less space as opposed to keeping them folded. As a bonus, you can also hang 2 garments on one hanger.

  • Hook handbagsAttach hooks inside the cabinets and hang your handbags to let other items sit conveniently on the shelves.

  • Towel rails for flat shoesPut your flat shoes into the rails to save up space. 

  • Fit extendable wardrobe rodThis will make your life easier, use the total hanging space effectively.

  • Storage baskets.All the old items should be stored inside this basket. Place this basket on top of the wardrobe.

  • Hanging organiserIt hangs in your wardrobe and takes up the smallest amount of space. Store underwear, socks, jewellery and belts, and many such small items.

  • Compartmentalize Place shirts, jeans, sarees, festive wear and other different clothing items in different compartments.

  • Metal shelfThe space between the two shelves is often not fully utilised. Use it effectively to store bangles, ornaments, watches and other junk jewellery.

Hang belts, straps, bracelets and other accessories on a hanger to store other important things in the cabinets.

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