Here are some simple but amazing ways in which you can get rid of your old clothes

Out of all the clothes that we set aside for donations, we know that a few can’t be passed on. You probably are going to discard them. Hold on, there are few better ways to make sure they are used to their fullest.


Creative Ideas for Your Old Clothes | Get Set Clean
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Getting rid of unwanted clothing it is important, but you have to make sure it’s done in a way that isn't wasteful or harmful to the environment.

  • Swap

    You can always swap clothes with your friends or family

  • Recycle

    There are dozens of options when it comes to textile recycling. Instead of trashing them, recycle them.

  • Sell

    Try uploading on Instagram or other relevant portals where you can sell clothes. We are sure there are people who would love to buy a nice piece of clothing.

  • Soft toys

    Old socks, shirts, woollens can be repurposed into soft toys. Stuff them with cotton and sew them craftily.

  • Bags

    Pick an old shirt. Stitch the bottom and both the sleeves and voila, you got a Tote bag for yourself.

Be creative. Repurpose.

Shop tactfully. It's such a simple concept but makes a huge difference.

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