Assembling your own toolbox

A toolbox is a must-have to fix basic wear and tear or damage in your home. It’s easy to assemble. Here’s how you can put together your DIY toolbox.


Assembling your own toolbox
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From hanging a photo frame on the wall to fixing your broken furniture, a well-assembled toolbox can come in handy for various DIY projects around your home. It can save you time and money during emergencies. What’s more, assembling your own toolbox is quite easy!

Listed below are some essentials you need to put together your own toolbox.

Make sure you have a box with multiple compartments to carry your tools around conveniently.

1) Hammer

A hammer is an integral part of a toolbox. It can nail, demolish, and fix anything you want e.g. hammering a nail in a broken chair. Toolboxes with wooden or fibreglass handles tend to last longer and are comfortable to use.

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2) Screwdriver

The screwdriver is essential in your toolbox. It can be used to turn screws, remove nails, and tighten loose screws - of a door handle, for example.

3) Pliers

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A plier comes in handy to pull out anything stuck in a wall, to turn and grip the wires during assembly work etc.

4) Wrench

Wrenches form an important part of a toolbox. A few wrenches, like a fire hydrant wrench, are used for a single purpose. While others, e.g. a combination or adjustable wrench can be used for multiple purposes. A wrench applies torque to turn objects by either loosening or fastening nuts and bolts.

5) Measuring Tape

From building a cabinet to just measuring your height, measuring tape is mandatory in your toolbox.

6) Industrial Glue

A strong adhesive can glue together anything on almost any surface, e.g. when assembling wooden furniture.

There you go! Build up your own toolbox and expand your DIY skills with these simple tips.

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