Tips will help avoid dampness at home

Dampness at home leads to various problems, such as the growth of moss and mould, bad odour, etc. It is important to nip all the causes of dampness at the bud in order to avoid severe problems.


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Tips will help avoid dampness at home

These 5 tips will help avoid dampness at home.

1) Eliminate avoidable moisture

Drying your clothes indoors is not a good idea. Hang your clothes to dry away from the walls. Make sure you dry your laundry outside. 

2) Extract moisture

Use exhaust fans (vented externally) in the bathroom, kitchen and laundry area to get rid of all the moisture.


3) Let the air out

Keep windows and vents open to create a cross-draft. Ensure your home has proper ventilation which allows inflow and outflow of air.

4) Keep the home warm

Keep the drapes and curtains open. Heat and warmth from the sun is for free so make the most of it. Shut them back when it is dark, it helps in insulation and keeps your house warm. .

5) Get a dehumidifier

It will suck in all the air in the room and squeeze out the moisture that causes dampness and mould.

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