Find the Best Toilet Cleaner for Maintaining Hygiene & Freshness in Your Toilet With This Consumer Review!

Cleaning toilet bowls is not particularly a household task that we look forward to. The idea of dealing with that icky smell and stain-buildup is far from enthusing. However, to maintain proper hygiene, we do need to spend time cleaning and sanitizing it.

Best toilet cleaner for fresh & hygienic toilet

Why is it important to keep our toilet clean, fresh and fragrant using the best toilet cleaner? Of course, a clean toilet is a welcome sight, but there are other important reasons for disinfecting your toilet using a good toilet cleaner. The toilet is used multiple times a day by several people in the house. So, the likelihood of it getting dirty is quite high. Cleaning and disinfecting the toilet becomes even more important when a family member is sick and is more prone to catching an infection.

Through this article, we aim to find the best toilet cleaner that requires minimal effort and yields maximum results. For this purpose, we asked a panel of moms to try and test different toilet cleaners in the market. They reviewed the products on the basis of various parameters and also tested them for safety and clarity of label directions.

After the testing process, they unanimously picked Domex Freshguard Ocean Fresh as the best toilet cleaner across the parameters mentioned below:

  1. Germ Removal Ability

  2. Stain Removal Ability

  3. Bad Odour Removal

  4. Ease of Use

  5. Ability to Make the Toilet Bowl Shine

1. Germ Removal Ability: Domex Freshguard Ocean Fresh Toilet Cleaner 4/5

One of the main reasons behind cleaning the toilet bowl is to remove the germs, bacteria and other contaminants harbouring in it. These contaminants could possibly lead to the spread of serious infections and diseases. The toilet bowl is bound to get even dirtier and germ infested if you’re living in a joint family with a lot of members using it throughout the day. Also, given the current pandemic situation, we need to be extra vigilant about proper hygiene and sanitation.

Mothers are particularly cautious about maintaining germ-free toilets for their kids, and need a toilet cleaner that ensures complete germ removal. In our review, the moms chose Domex Freshguard Ocean Fresh as the best toilet cleaner for removing bacteria, virus and fungi that might be living in the toilet bowl and on other surfaces in the toilet.

The mothers opined that the colour changing formula of the toilet cleaner works well to show the removal of germs from the toilet bowl. Also, the thickness of the liquid ensures an even spread across the toilet bowl and rim, thus cleaning the toilet and removing germs without the need for rigorous scrubbing. The label of Domex Freshguard Ocean Fresh reads that it forms a protective layer around the toilet bowl which leads to the reduction of stain and germ buildup in it. This also gave the mothers confidence about its performance with regards to germ removal.

Says Shipra Sinha, “It really does what it claims, we usually leave it for 10 minutes and then wash it, it works really well, leaving the toilet seat and bowl fresh and clean after every wash, and the fragrance is also good.”

2. Stain Removal Ability-Domex Freshguard Ocean Fresh Toilet Cleaner 4/5

When looking for the best toilet cleaner, we definitely need to focus on the stain removal aspect. Have you ever felt that regardless of how hard you scrub at the toilet, it just doesn’t seem to get clean? Well, maybe it’s not so much your fault as it is the fault of the stain, or rather, the nature of the stain. It is common for stubborn stains to build up inside the toilet bowl as it is frequently used throughout the day.

In our experience, it gets easier to remove these stains when you’re familiar with their nature. Our panel of mothers identified a variety of different stains that may be spotted in the toilet bowl. These typically include:

Calcium build-up – the yellow stains you normally see inside the toilet bowl are basically limescale formations caused due to hard water.

Rust stains – When the stains in your toilet bowl appear to be red or dark brown, it is probably rust. A plausible cause of rust is pipe corrosion.

Mould stains – These stains are slightly difficult to identify, but are usually black or dark green spots that are musky and leave behind an unpleasant smell in the bathroom.

To deal with these various types of stains, our mothers chose Domex Freshguard Ocean Fresh Toilet Cleaner. After using the product, they noticed that its powerful formulation had the ability to remove limescale and stains from the toilet by forming a stain resistant layer on the toilet surface. They also mentioned that with just a single wash, their toilets were left clean, fresh and disinfected, and that they did not have to bother cleaning it for at least 3 days.

Says mother Hema Gayatri, “I could notice a visibly cleaner and shinier toilet after usage. Even the rim and inner edges of the toilet looked clean and new, something my previous detergent failed to do. The entire toilet appears to be new with just one use.”

3. Bad Odour Removal-Domex Freshguard Ocean Fresh Toilet Cleaner 4.5/5

Do you often feel that despite cleaning your toilet regularly, there is a lingering bad odour emanating from it? No matter how frequently we flush, the smell just doesn’t seem to go away. The odour is a big put off and can permeate to other rooms as well.

We have noticed that a major reason for odour in bathrooms is mould buildup, which can sometimes go unnoticed because it gets formed under the rim. A lot of us forget to target this area when cleaning our toilet bowls.

While reviewing various toilet cleaners, our panel of mothers were keen on finding a product that would remove the bad odour effectively and also leave the bathroom smelling fresh for a long period of time. They, therefore, picked Domex Freshguard Ocean Fresh as the best toilet cleaner for removing bad odour.

The mothers were impressed by Domex Freshguard Ocean Fresh toilet cleaner’s ability to kill malodour, leaving the toilet smelling fresh and clean. Its innovative Freshguard technology forms a protective non-stick layer on the toilet bowl which repels the bad smell causing fluids and stains and hence maintains freshness for upto 100 flushes as mentioned on the packaging.

Says mom Taranpreet, “It worked very well in removing odour from the toilet. This was the feature that I liked the most. It actually left behind a fresh and clean scent. My toilet used to smell weird because of so many people using it, but now it smells fresh and clean most of the time.”

4. Ease of Use-Domex Freshguard Ocean Fresh Toilet Cleaner 4.5/5

The toilet bowl in particular, can become a breeding ground of germs and home to unsightly stains. Our panel of mothers felt that because of their hectic lifestyles, they needed a disinfectant toilet cleaner which is easy to use and hassle-free to deep clean various toilet surfaces.

When it comes to the ease of use, our mothers picked Domex Freshguard Toilet Cleaner, primarily because of its unique bottleneck design. They said that this was the best toilet cleaner in the sense that they could easily pour the thick liquid into the deep corners under the toilet rim, thanks to the practical design of the bottle. They simply squeezed the bottle and directed the nozzle to target various stained areas. A quick wait of 20 minutes was followed by light brushing and a final flush. Voila, the toilet was spotless and clean!

Hema Gayatri shares her experience, “The bottleneck shape of product helps pour the liquid easily to the unreachable corners. Without a house help, the cleaning is considerably easy near the edges, rear side and inside of the toilet without much hard work.”

5. Ability to Make the Toilet Bowl Shine- Domex Freshguard Ocean Fresh Toilet Cleaner 4/5

At the end of the day, we all want our toilet cleaners to work their magic and make our toilet bowls look sparkling clean. For this, we need a disinfectant toilet cleaner that could effectively eradicate all infection and malodour causing germs from the toilet bowl without requiring too much scrubbing or hours of cleaning.

Against this particular parameter, our panel of mommies felt that Domex Freshguard Ocean Fresh Toilet Cleaner was the best toilet cleaner. They said that it does an excellent job of removing stains and making the toilet bowl shine. It also leaves the toilet stain-free for up to three days, because of the protective layer it forms on the toilet surface. The mommies mentioned that Domex Freshguard Ocean Fresh Toilet Cleaner was also easily able to clean all the water stains that tend to accumulate with time.  According to them, the toilet looked shinier with just one use.

Hema Gayatri shares her experience by saying, “Yes, it did the job well and I found the toilet sparkling clean. The toilet bowl and seats look evidently shiny and the edges are cleaned well as well. There are zero pesky and irritating stains.”

    A specialist toilet cleaner such as Domex Freshguard Ocean Fresh has introduced several mothers to a new way of toilet cleaning. They are now able to deal with tough stains, germs and malodour a lot more easily and efficiently. These mothers no longer dread the task of toilet cleaning as they used to since the addition of Domex Freshguard Ocean Fresh Toilet Cleaner to their regular supply of cleaning products. Are you also on the lookout for a specialist toilet cleaner for your home? Try Domex Freshguard Ocean Fresh Toilet Cleaner today!

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