Our Expert Guide to the Best Detergent for Silk Fabrics in the Market

Silk is a natural protein fibre, almost as sensitive as the human skin! It is extremely sensitive to abrasion and the fibres can become brittle and damaged when washed with regular detergents. So, your favourite silk dress needs expert and gentle care.


Reviewed by Shivani Koul& Surbhi Dhall

Expert guide to fabric care detergent for silk

We’ve all ruined silk outfits by washing them inappropriately. The fabric as such is prone to the loss of colour and shape quite easily. Hence, we got two experts, Shivani Koul, a Delhi-based fashion designer with her own fashion label, and Surbhi Dhall, a lifestyle blogger and fashionista, both of whom selected Love & Care Silks as their chosen expert care washing detergent for silk fabrics over other available detergents in the market.

These experts have deep knowledge of different types of fabrics and their proper care and have shared with us their expertise with regards to what they use and trust when it comes to maintaining the beautiful silks in their wardrobe. They helped us understand how silk can be washed and maintained at home, despite it being a delicate fabric.

Their knowledge of fabrics and the right way of washing each fabric type makes them the perfect choice to help us in this review. They have listed down the most important parameters to keep in mind when looking for a washing detergent that can specially take care of silks, chiffons, georgettes and crepes:

  1. Ability to protect delicate silk fabrics

  2. Maintaining shine of silk fabrics

  3. Fragrance

  4. Ease of usage

1. Ability to Protect Delicate Silk Fabrics - Love & Care Shining Silks 4.5/5

Silk is one of the most popular fabric options for formal wear, and often used to make traditional Indian clothing as well as western wear like shirts, skirts, pants and so on. Our experts are regular users of the fabric since they have several client meetings and formal occasions to attend. Surbhi says that silk is one of the strongest natural fibers,but loses up to 20% of its strength when wet. Its elasticity is moderate to poor and if elongated, even a small amount, it remains stretched. On the other hand, unwashed silk may shrink a little due to relaxation of the fiber macrostructure. Hence, silk requires a high degree of care and proper handling to protect the fibre, and this is possible only with a specialised mild detergent meant for the purpose. With her experience of having used different detergents in the market to wash her delicate silks, she has picked Love & Care (L&C) Shining Silks out of other similar liquid detergents as she found it to be mild enough and yet effective in providing expert care wash to protect her delicate silk fabrics.

Adds Koul, “L&C keeps the shine and softness of silk fabric intact. The fabric looks as good as new after washing.” She validates that the product also helps retain the strength of the fabric as it does not damage the silk micro-fibres.

2. Maintaining Shine of Silk Fabrics - Love & Care Shining Silks 4/5

Silk is made of highly fine thread which gives it an incomparable soft feel and shine. But, maintaining the shine of silk fabrics can be challenging. According to Koul, it is best to hand wash your silk clothing using a mild detergent. She personally hand washes her silk suits separately in cold water and allows them to air dry naturally for up to 30 minutes. This method helps retain the shine of the clothing and keeps the threads of the silk fabric intact. Surbhi adds that hand-washing your silks inside out with a mild detergent like Love & Care Shining Silks is recommended to retain the colour and shine of the clothing.

Our experts ranked Love & Care Shining Silks as the best liquid detergent wash for maintaining the shine of silk fabrics. “It helps to maintain the shine of my silk sarees and lehengas. It makes clothes even more vibrant and leaves them looking new for longer,” comments Surbhi. Koul explains that silk fabric can be damaged by detergents that contain enzymes or are highly alkaline, or include any bleaching agents such as hydrogen peroxide. But since L&C is pH balanced, it does not have any damaging effect on your silk clothing.

3. Fragrance - Love & Care Shining Silks 5/5

We all like our clothing to smell fresh & clean after a wash, hence fragrance is an important factor to consider when choosing a fabric detergent. Our experts explain that the fiber polymer mechanism of silk gives it its fragrance retention ability. It is a naturally occurring protein fiber and can easily absorb fragrances, much like wool. The fragrance can quickly get absorbed in the fiber and remain in it for a long period of time. Surbhi wears a lot of formal clothing, most of which is made of silk fabric. Over a period of time, she has come to realize that dry-cleaning leaves behind a characteristic odour that isn’t really pleasing or desirable. On the other hand, a fabric detergent like L&C, formulated with the right ingredients, offers a nice and fresh fragrance!

According to our expert Surbhi, “The fragrance is mild and long- lasting. Love wearing my party dresses after washing them with it.” She was quite happy with the L&C washing detergent for leaving behind a fresh fragrance after washing her delicate silks!

4. Ease of Usage - Love & Care Shining Silks 4.5/5

While choosing a detergent, it is extremely important that it does not involve complicated steps and is gentle enough for handy use. Surbhi tells us ‘ Its simple mix, soak and rinse process makes it an easy-to-use detergent without any hassles!’

The product also has a low foam technology that helps to avoid over rinsing and prevents damage to delicate fabrics.

This ease of usage, clubbed with its gentleness and its multi-variety use on a range of delicate fabrics like silks, chiffons, georgettes and crepes, makes it an ideal easy-to-use expert care wash detergent.

    A specialist fabric detergent for silk such as Love & Care Shining Silks has made life much easier when it comes to protecting silk fabrics. It is effective, yet mild on your silk and other delicate fabrics like chiffon and georgette. So, go ahead and get yourself the L&C Shining Silks liquid detergent today!

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