Tips to Remove Odours from Your Carpet

No one likes to enter a foul-smelling home. Keep your living space fresh smelling by knowing how to remove odours from carpet.


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Carpets lift the aesthetics of your home. It can set the tone of your house. However, the multiple threads hanging on the carpet means that the stains and dust particles get embedded in the fibres. Leaving the stains unattended can result in a stench. You cannot enjoy a stress-free evening in a house with unpleasant smell. It’s true; the odours are known to affect your mood. So, you must address it as soon as you can. Check out the easy ways to get bad smells out of carpet.

1) Using Baking Soda

Sprinkle generous amounts of baking soda on the carpet and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes. The baking soda has antimicrobial and deodorizing properties. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove baking soda from your carpet.

2) Let It Breathe

Proper ventilation can do wonders. Open the windows and allow the air to flow freely. The air circulation will help you get rid of any foul odours. You can also sprinkle baking soda on the carpet and let it hang in a shaded place for a couple of hours. Dust with a broom handle to remove residue baking soda from the carpet.

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3) Steam Clean Your Carpet

Rent out a steam cleaner if you do not own one. Fill it up with water and run it over your carpet. Remember to check the instructions on its product manual to use it correctly. You can also use a fabric conditioner to keep the fibres intact, and the fabric soft and smooth. The steam cleaner will kill all the odour-causing germs easily.

If finding a steam cleaner is a hassle, you can also use a sponge mop. However, it may be a bad idea to sponge mop during the monsoons. Exposure to too much water with no sunlight can make your carpet smellier.

Keep these tips handy the next time you have to deal with a smelly carpet. But, remember that precaution is better than cure. Small things like training your pet to stay away from carpeted areas, keeping the room well-ventilated and asking the smokers to avoid smoking on the carpet can help you keep your carpet clean and smelling fresh all the time.

Fill the carpet steamer with distilled vinegar to remove any bad smells from your rug or carpet.

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