Found Coffee Stains on Your Carpet? Try These Effective Stain-removal Tips

Carpets are a great living room décor idea, but they can be expensive. To remove coffee stains from your expensive carpet, try these cleaning tips.


How to Remove Coffee Stain from Your Carpet | Get Set Clean
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Your living room is one of the most important spaces in your home. Give it a warm and cosy feel with a colourful carpet. 

Your living room is the space where you spend quality time with friends and family over tea or drinks. So, naturally it is also the room most susceptible to accidental stains. Remember, do not use harsh stain removal chemicals on your carpets. The chemicals may damage your carpet’s delicate threads.  

Use the tips listed below to remove coffee stains from your expensive carpet effortlessly. 

1) Use Club Soda

As soon as your hot coffee lands on the carpet, pour some water or club soda on the affected area. It will loosen the stain. You can also use white wine. Now, sprinkle salt over the stained area of the carpet and leave this sludge on it overnight. The next morning, scrape off the salt from the carpet using a blunt knife or the back of the spoon and clean off your carpet with plain water. 

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2) Use Vinegar

You can use vinegar on wool and non-wool blend carpets. Mix 2 tbsp. of vinegar in a bowl of water and cover the stained area of your carpet with it. Let the solution rest on the stains for 5 minutes. Then, soak the residue liquid with paper towels. This should remove the stain from your carpet. Repeat, if necessary. 

3) Use Cold Water and Dishwashing Liquid

Pour 2-3 drops of mild dishwashing liquid on the stains. If you’re looking for a liquid dishwash, you can try Vim dishwashing liquid, which is easily available in the market. Use a damp sponge to scrub the affected area. Wipe off the soapy layer on your carpet with a clean, cotton cloth soaked in cold water. Let your carpet dry thoroughly. 

Don’t worry the next time you accidentally spill coffee on your carpet. These useful stain-removal tips will help you clean it and restore the charm of your carpet. 

Enjoy your cup of hot coffee!

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