Want to Prolong the Life of Your Wooden Furniture? Try These Care Tips

Some extra care can keep your wooden furniture looking like new and give it a long lease of life. Here are the tips and tricks to help you do just that!


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Adding wooden furniture is a great way of acing your home décor game. It has a versatile charm that makes your home look warm and inviting. However, it is an expensive investment and needs care.

With passing time, the furniture begins to wear out, and in turn, makes your house look dull. But you can easily keep your wooden furniture in mint condition with our care and maintenance tips. Follow these tips to keep your wooden furniture looking brand new for longer.

1) Cleaning

We suggest you dust your wooden furniture once a week using a nylon brush. To clean the accumulated dirt, make a cleaning solution by mixing 1 tsp. of dishwashing liquid in 1 cup of warm water. Gently clean the dirty areas by dipping an old toothbrush in this solution. You can also use a sponge as an alternative to an old toothbrush, as it is not abrasive. Then wipe the area dry with a soft cloth or a bunch of paper towels. Make sure there’s no trace of moisture left behind.

2) Waxing

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To protect your wooden furniture and add shine to it, use wax. Apply a thin coat of good-quality semi-solid wax with a clean cheesecloth. This is easily available in stores. Wait 5 minutes, and then buff lightly with a flat, soft brush. Wait for another 30 to 60 minutes and buff again with a little pressure. You will see the shine come back.

3) Polishing

For a quick-fix touch-up, use an appropriate colour of shoe polish to fill scratches and chips. This will make them less visible. Alternatively, you can also use an oil or wax crayon in a matching shade.

4) Placement

We suggest you place your wooden furniture away from direct sunlight; exposure to direct sunlight causes fading and cracks. Shaded areas are kinder to such furniture.

These simple tips will keep your wooden furniture looking new for years to come. And you can pass it down generations! With some special care, your investment will be well worth it.

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