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Tips for Killing Germs on Surfaces Both Indoors and Outdoors

In today’s climate keeping our surroundings free of germs is as important as following social distancing. Follow the tips given below for killing germs on surfaces both indoors and outdoors and keep yourself and your family protected.


Killing germs on indoor and outdoor surfaces
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We’re aware that physical distancing, wearing masks, frequent hand washing, and staying at home as much as possible, are important practices to follow in the current pandemic. According to the CDC guidelines, cleaning and degerming surfaces both in our house and also in public areas like workplaces, shopping malls, etc. are equally important to reduce the risk of exposure to harmful germs. The tips mentioned below will not only help keep you safe but also provide a germ-free environment for those around you. There are times when we feel that homemade disinfectants would help us achieve our goals of eradicating germs without burning a hole in our pockets. But we soon realized that the effectiveness of such solutions is questionable and often lacks scientific backing. However, we have made your job easier by listing down some simple tips on how to remove germs effectively on surfaces both inside your home and outdoors.

1. Find Out the Hidden Spots in Your House That are Harbouring Germs

We all have been on a cleansing spree since the start of the pandemic. But are you aware that some hidden spots in your house may not be visibly dirty, but could be milling with harmful germs? While we may assume that our bathroom doorknob or toilet seat may be the dirtiest (since touched frequently), light switches, refrigerator handles, stove knobs, tv remote, microwave handles, children’s toys, and even the kitchen sink are breeding grounds for germs. We thought that we would need different products to tackle the germs on these multiple surfaces, but were pleasantly surprised to get our hands on Domex Germ-Kill Spray. This spray is safe to use on all kinds of surfaces, including gadgets. Along with being multipurpose, Domex Germ-Kill Spray has the alcohol levels recommended by leading health organizations across the world. Hence, we could be sure about its efficacy in killing germs on all surfaces.

2. Make Stepping Outside Safer with These Simple Steps

The prospect of going out has never been more daunting as it is during these times. But, getting out of your home is unavoidable. With many of us already commuting to workplaces, some simple measures can make your trip outdoors safer. Avoid the use of fingertips, elbows and knuckles to press elevator buttons. Instead, push open the doors with your feet. Also, we always ensure that we are well stocked and always have a tried and tested product - Domex Germ-Kill Spray- with us. There were times when we needed to use public washrooms. Here we used Domex Germ-Kill Spray extensively on surfaces like the toilet seat, faucets as well as taps. All we had to do was shake the bottle first, then hold it upright and spray it on the surface. There was no need to wipe the surface/object after that. At our workplace, we used it on our keyboards, work tables, cabinet handles and so on with the same product. An added advantage was the pleasant fragrance it left behind!

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3. Follow a Regular Routine for Cleaning and Degerming Surfaces

We believe that a consistent routine for cleaning and degerming surfaces is an important step to reduce exposure to harmful germs. In our experience, high-touch surfaces in the house need to be cleaned at least once a day. However, frequent cleaning and removal of germs should be determined based on the level of use. In workplaces, elevator buttons and commonly touched surfaces in washrooms may have to be cleaned a minimum of four times a day. Whereas in the case of objects like shopping carts in a grocery store, they should be cleaned before each use. We saw that Domex Germ-Kill Spray lasted longer than any other spray making it a cost-effective option for us. It could easily be slipped into a bag which made it handy, not only at home but also when we stepped out of the house too.

4. Introduce New Practices to Reduce Exposure to Germs

While we are already following some basic practices, it is essential to change the way we use public spaces to work, live and play. These may include leaving some doors open to reduce the number of times they are touched by people, switching off the air conditioner and leaving windows open for ventilation, removing objects in common areas like coffee mugs and creamer containers, avoiding the lift, and using the staircase if not a high rise building and so on. At home, you can consider removing soft and porous materials like rugs and carpets to reduce the challenges of cleaning and degerming them.

These tips will help you remove germs on all surfaces both indoors and outdoors effectively.

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