Are You Working from Home? Here’s How to be Productive and Make the Most of Your Time

If you are a working mother or have a family to look after, working from home can get overwhelming at times. But here are some tips you can try to make the most of your time and boost your productivity.


How to be More Productive While Working from Home | Get Set Clean
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Anyone who has worked from home will know that it has its benefits and drawbacks. While on the one hand it helps you save travel time and be there for your family, on the other hand balancing household chores between work can get daunting. Hence, it is important to maintain a balance if you’re working from home. 

In this article, we tell you how to do just that with a few simple tips.

1) Create a Workspace

If you think you will have to continue working from home for some time, it is best to have a separate space for yourself. We suggest you avoid working from your bedroom or from the common couch. Have a designated spot for yourself, which is ideally a quiet space and has access to plug points. Keep your door shut, if possible, to minimise distractions.

2) Invest in Technology

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Connectivity is one of the biggest issues while working from home. Make sure you have good internet and WiFi connections. If required, check with your employer or client for remote working server access in advance. Keep your apps up-to-date and make sure you have a set of headphones, chargers and pen drives or hard drives ready. Have a separate work phone number so that you can keep your personal phone on mute if needed.

3) Have Fixed Work Hours

If you’re working from home, you would naturally have to be there for your family and also contribute to daily chores. But it is advisable to avoid too much housework during your office hours. Try to come up with a plan for your work schedule and have a start and finish time as well. 

Use early mornings or late nights if those are the quietest times in your home. Utilise your highest productive periods and make the most of them. Have fixed lunch and coffee breaks, just like you would when working from an office space. Keep evenings free for your family, chores and cooking. Do remember to clean your hands before and after any chore. 

4)  Maintain a routine

Start your day like any other weekday. Take a shower and have your breakfast and then get to work. Put on your work clothes if that helps you get into work mode. This makes even more sense if you have conference calls or video calls to attend to. Change into home clothes after your work hours. This routine will help separate your work timings. If you have a small child, she will also get used to seeing you in your work clothes and understand that you may be busy. 

5) Educate your Family

If you have children or parents at home, you need to gently remind them that your work hours are sacrosanct. Take breaks between work to spend time with them or tend to their needs. If your spouse or partner is also working from home, then discuss how to best divide household chores between the two of you. With the family’s support and understanding, you can put your heart and soul into your work. 

We hope these tips make working from home an enriching and rewarding experience for you.

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