Simple tricks to get your house ready for the party

With growing up comes grown up responsibilities; like throwing a dinner party. Organizing your house and getting it ready for guests can seem difficult; but if you follow these simple tips, you can pull off the party like a boss!


How to Prepare your House for a Dinner Party | Get Set Clean
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We’ve got a few simple tips and tricks to get you started with your party prep.

Make sure you are loaded with supplies for toiletries, beddings and some cookies.

1) Kitchen

Load your refrigerator with food, snacks and chocolates. Box all the unnecessary utensils which you know won’t be helpful and clear out some space. Make sure the utensils are clean and other appliances are in working condition.

2) Declutter

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Get rid of all unnecessary stuff at once. Start with the living room, move to the bedrooms, storage space, garage and then the kitchen. It will make it easier for you to visualize your dinner decorating ideas.

3) Bathrooms

With guests coming and going, the bathroom needs to be cleaned at regular intervals.

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