This is how innovatively you can store your baby’s clothes and save up on space

As a parent, you are aware of the number of times you need to change your baby’s clothes due to stains. This means that you have a lot of baby clothes in your wardrobe.


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Here are a few innovative tips to store your baby’s clothes and save up on space.

Arrange clothes according to their size; bigger ones on the top to smaller ones at the bottom.

1) Make compartments in the wardrobe

Compartmentalising can save up on ample space.

2) Place clothes in plastic containers and place them in drawers

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It will be easy for you to remove the outfit that your baby will wear for a particular day.

3) Store delicate and smaller clothes in mesh laundry bags

This will help you sort socks, handkerchiefs, bibs etc. while you’re doing laundry.

4) Use closet dividers

It becomes so much easier to pick clothes when they’re stored according to size.

5) Use hanging cloth baskets

Hang it on the door to store delicate clothes like socks, onesies, caps etc. This will free up the floor space.

Make your baby’s wardrobe spacious by following these tips!

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