Smart Ideas to Keep Your Little One’s Room Fresh and Germ-Free

Your child’s room should be a safe, hygienic and comfortable place for them. Check out these tips to keep their room fresh and germ-free.


Easy Tips to Keep your Child's Room Clean and Germ-Free | Get Set Clean
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It is not practical to disinfect your child’s bedroom every day. However, there are a few practices to follow that will ensure your child’s space is clean, fresh and germ-free.

Follow these tips to keep your children’s room safe and fresh.

1) Keep Their Shoes Out

Insist on a policy of no shoes beyond the front door, as it helps in keeping the germs at bay. What’s more, this practice will keep your entire home clean, not only their bedroom.

2) Change Their Bedsheet

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It’s advisable to wash and change your child’s bedsheets often. Using the same bedsheet for too long is unhygienic and can cause your child to get sick.

3) Dust Regularly

Wipe the furniture and floor in your child’s room daily to maintain a dust-free environment. It’s best to teach your children to do this themselves. Don’t forget to dust the pillows and the bedding. Take extra care when cleaning the windows and fan as they collect a lot of dust.

4) Inculcate Good Habits

Teach your kids to cover their nose when sneezing and use a handkerchief. Always keep a handkerchief/tissue in their pockets. It would be best if you also teach them good habits like washing their hands with an antibacterial soap before and after meals and after using the toilet. Doing so can go a long way in keeping your child protected from cold, flu and various stomach infections.

5) Use Aromatic Oils

Add 2-3 drops of your favourite essential oil to a few cotton balls and leave them in the corner of your child’s room. The fragrance will keep insects away and their room smelling fresh.

There you go! Follow these tips and ensure that they learn the importance of maintaining a clean space from a young age.

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