Try These Smart Ideas to Add Life to Your Kids’ Study Desk

If you are in search of cool ideas to liven up your kids’ study desk, you have come to the right place. We have some great tips to offer that will cheer your kids up.


Smart Ideas for Kids Study Desk - Get Set Clean
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Children spend a lot of time at their study desks - reading, writing, painting, and playing games. It’s important to keep the space neat, organised and energetic. This will boost your kids’ focus, thinking abilities and productivity. 

Here are some smart tips you can use.

Once your child’s study table is arranged, establish a monthly or bi-monthly cleaning routine to keep it clean and organised. Timely care will keep the arrangement from getting messy.

1)     Choose a Colour

When you are selecting a study table for your kids, it’s good to choose a colour your kids like. You could also pick your kids’ favourite superhero theme and decorate the area with stickers. 

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2)   Choose a Table and Chair

Your kids use pens, pencils, sketch pens and water colours on the desk, and the chances of staining the study desk are high. We suggest you choose a dark colour, so that stains can be cleaned easily and won’t show prominently. Also choose a comfortable chair for your kids.

3)   Select a Spot with Natural Light

Natural sunlight is a mood-booster, so it’s a good idea to place your kids’ study desk in a spot that gets maximum sunlight during the day, e.g. near a window or next to your balcony. You can place an adjustable lamp on the desk for use after dusk. The light will help your child focus on specific tasks. 

4) Storage Capacity

Make sure the table you select for your kids has enough drawers to store stationery and study material. You could also tag each notebook, textbook, drawing folio and file with designated colours for different subjects.

Plan the arrangement of the desk in a way that engages your kids. You may tweak and add colour to the arrangement to make it more inviting. Include a world map, your kid’s DIY crafts, inspirational messages or posters, or a couple of framed pictures for a personal touch. With this handy guide, you will be able to make the right choices for your kids’ study table.

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