Precautions to Take While Flying for Outstation Work Post Lockdown

Once the lockdown is lifted and flights resume, your office may expect you to travel for work. Follow the tips given here to keep yourself safe and protected while taking flights.


Precautions to Take While Flying for Outstation Post Lockdown | Get Set Clean
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If you are worried about visiting airports or flying after coronavirus lockdown, it is best to know how you can keep yourself safe while travelling. There are a few dos and don’t you must adhere to at all times. Whether you are at the boarding pass queue or near the baggage counter, maintaining social distancing is crucial. Also, pay heed to the airlines and government guidelines. 

Here are some tips that will ensure your safety and good health. 

1) Maintain Social Distance

Close contact with people increases the risk of infection. Try to stay away from crowded public toilets or airport lounge. Maintain a minimum of 6 feet distance from everyone in the waiting area and during boarding. According to CDC activities are safer if you can maintain at least 6 feet of space between you and others, because Covid-19 spreads easier between people who are within 6 feet of each other.

2) Wash Your Hands

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To keep you hands clean at all times is the best way to prevent infections from spreading. Coronavirus is known to survive on surfaces. So, make it a point to practice sanitisation and good hand washing hygiene by washing your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds with lukewarm water. If water or soap is not available during commute, use an alcohol-based hand sanitiser frequently when in a busy public place like an airport. 

3) Wear a Mask

It is mandatory and vital that you wear a mask during air travel. Wearing a mask will prevent you from touching your nose and mouth. It also reduces the chance of transmission of the virus via droplets released while talking/coughing by an infected person. Learn how to use a face mask correctly and wear a mask that fits you well. You should not have to keep adjusting your mask. It defeats the whole purpose of wearing a mask as that would mean you touching your face frequently. 

4) Stay Hydrated and Eat Right

You cannot risk falling sick due to food or water contamination. So, ensure you are drinking safe water and consuming food that has been thoroughly cooked. Do not eat at places that do not guarantee all safety measures. Carry your own bottle and food if necessary. 

5) Consult A Doctor

Before committing to any domestic or international work trip, it is best to check with your healthcare advisor. People with existing conditions like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases should avoid travelling during this time.

Make sure you do not travel if you are feeling unwell. Check for flu or cold symptoms before taking a flight. Stay protected from common cold or other respiratory ailments.

6) Self-Isolate After the Trip

It is best to self-isolate after coming back from a work trip. This will keep you and your loved ones safe and protected. If you feel unwell, check with your doctor, and follow medical guidelines. Always keep your office informed of your health condition.

These tips will help you travel safely after the lockdown.


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