Need to Get your Regular Health Checkup Done Post Lockdown? Stay Safe with these Tips

The coronavirus lockdown has made many of us postpone our regular medical tests and checkups. However, routine check-up is essential and cannot be postponed indefinitely. Use the tips given here to ensure a safe visit to your doctor after lockdown is lifted.


How to Safely Visit Your Doctor For Health Checkup Post Lockdown | Get Set Clean
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Doctors are our frontline warriors and need to be protected from germs or catching the infection. That’s why it is very important to make prior appointment before visiting them. If the clinic or hospital where you usually get your routine tests done is inaccessible, your doctor may want to meet you at a different clinic or hospital. Check the location and timings before you step out.

Also, check if your doctor provides tele-consultations. If a virtual checkup is possible, it’s best to avoid face-to-face interactions immediately after lockdown is lifted. However, if your doctor suggests meeting you personally, follow these tips to ensure your and your doctor’s safety. 

Do opt for virtual consultation if your condition or doctor allows it. This will minimise your contact with other patients.

1) Wear a Face Mask

You should keep your mouth and nose covered when you are in a public place. Learn more on how to use a face mask correctly. Wear a face mask that covers your mouth and nose efficiently. If the straps of the mask are loose or there is a tear in it, discard it and use another one. Please make sure that the mask fits you well and provides adequate protection. If you have to keep adjusting your mask every few minutes, the entire point of wearing a mask is lost. You must wash your cloth masks after every use. If you are using disposable masks, ensure you throw them away safely and hygienically. 

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2) Maintain Social Distance

There could be several visitors at the clinic or hospital. Ensure you are following the instructions/requests laid out by the healthcare advisor. Do not take a family member if you can manage the doctor’s visit alone. While at the hospital/clinic, try to maintain a minimum of 6 feet distance from everyone. Avoid unnecessary contact with the doctor or the hospital staff. Share your test report and medical history with your doctor online. As far as possible, do not make cash payments; opt for online payments instead. 

3) Wash Your Hands

You may have to touch high touch surfaces like doorknobs and elevator buttons during your visit. Carry a hand sanitiser with yourself. If you happen to touch any object, wash your hands with soap and water or use a hand sanitiser.

Practicing superior hand washing hygiene can keep you safe and healthy. Ensure you sanitise your hands before entering the doctor’s cabin. Comply with all the rules the clinic or hospital asks you to. They have been laid out for your safety. Wash your hands with soap and lukewarm water for at least 20 seconds after you come home from the visit. Read this to know about precautions you can take after coming home from outside.

Keep this guide handy the next time you visit your doctor for your health checkup. 


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