Make Your Little Ones Fall in Love with Household Chores!

Does the thought of getting your kids to do household chores make you nervous? Don’t worry. Here are a few tricks to make it fun for them.


How to get kids involved in your daily chores
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Children tend to like things that give them joy, even if they’re just chores! Yes, by adding a pop of fun to their daily chores, you can make them fun for your children. This way, they’ll not only do their chores, but will also develop a sense of responsibility.

Here’s how you can get your kids involved in your daily chores.

Make a game out of household chores to make them fun and keep your children motivated.

1) Set an Example

Children love to copy their parents and learn things from their parents. Introduce them to creative hacks and DIYs to make chores interesting. This way, they’ll not only learn new things, but also make your house look beautiful.

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2) Create a Timetable

Allocate a specific task at a dedicated time during the day. Mark the start and end times. This will eventually turn into a habit for the kids, and they won’t even complain! Start with little things like setting the table for dinner and making their beds every morning. Hide an occasional treat under a bedsheet or on a chair for them to find later.

3) Let Them Lead

Start with letting your children pick a chore they’d like to do. Usually, they enjoy vacuuming, operating the washing machine or feeding pets. Letting them pick a chore of their choice gives them a feeling of liberty – and they love it! Let them do these things under your supervision.

4) Explain the Need

Make your kids understand the reason behind every chore and gently correct them if they do anything wrong. When they understand the reasoning behind each chore, they’ll do it carefully and even encourage siblings to take it up. You’ll love seeing them do their chores all by themselves!

If they go wrong, don’t criticise. Instead, explain the right way of doing a chore. Learning is a continuous process and you can train your kids to be independent and self-reliant by making chores exciting!

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