3 Fun Art & Craft Activities for Your Kids during Lockdown

Are your children bored at home and spending a lot of time in front of the laptop or TV? Replace their screen time with interesting art and craft sessions without worrying about procuring any expensive equipment!


Arts & Crafts Activities for Kids during Lockdown | Get Set Clean
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The lockdown can be the perfect time for you to bond with your kids over some creative activities. If your kids are unable to go to school or play outside, try to use art and craft to keep them busy and motivated. 

These simple yet effective craft projects do not require expensive equipment or gaming consoles. However, remember to cover your floor or table with an old newspaper or cloth, as art activities can get messy. Have a few basic items like paint, paint brushes, paper and scissors ready! Read on for more.

1) Colourful 3D Card

Let the artists in your children come alive by having them make unique 3D cards. All you will need are easily available items at home – like sheets of paper, a pair of scissors, a pencil, paint and paint brushes, and glue. Help your child fold the paper and cut it to size. Let them colour their cards the way they like and get a little messy with it. We love how art master Rob creates a 3D card with a bright pop-up house in it. The process is quite simple to follow, and we suggest you try this at home with your child.

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2) Rainbow Mask

This activity is not only fun but also essential, as you could teach your child the importance of wearing a face mask while you make one from scratch. Why should your kid’s mask be boring when it can have a rainbow on it! Look at how artistic mom Simrat Kaur and her daughter create a colourful mask at home. All you need are items like pieces of cloth, elastic or rubber bands, a pair of scissors, tracing paper, pencils, and colours. Try making this cute fashion accessory at home with your children!

3) Artsy Cloth Bag

Bring in a ray of sunshine into your child’s life by turning their plain, old cloth bag into an artsy bag. And all you need is an old bag, paints, a paint brush and a potato! You may have to cut the potato into different shapes before your child can use them. Check out how artsy-craftsy mom Shruti Acharya helps her daughter make watermelon prints on her bag. You can use the same cool tricks to make old t-shirts or cushion covers bright and colourful again. 

Don’t you think these are amazing fun activities that you can enjoy with your child at home? Have a fun-filled experience with your kids and enjoy painting and colouring together! Although art activities can lead to some mess in your home and leave stains on your children’s clothes, these stains are worthwhile as these are precious memories with your children. And you need not worry about the mess as Surf Excel detergent will take care of even the toughest stain!

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