Don’t Let the Fear of Infections Stop Your Kids from Having Fun

With the flu season around, it is natural to worry as the mother of a school-going child. However, following a few disinfection measures as a precaution can ensure your child stays happy and healthy.


How to Protect your Kids in Flu Season | Get Set Clean
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It is worrying to see your child go out to play or study during this flu season. Different people and sources will give you different tips on protecting your child from viruses, and all this can seem confusing. But instead of stopping them from having fun, include these habits in your daily life to protect them from ailments. It is better to be prepared than worry. Armed with the right information, you can equip your family and yourself to fight germs. We will tell you how to sanitise your house and other surfaces and keep your children safe and happy. 

During this time, it’s important to disinfect the high-touch surfaces in your home daily to keep your family and you safe from bacteria. You can also try Domex Disinfectant Spray. Read the pack for instructions before use and always test on a small part first.

1) For Surfaces

Some surfaces at home are frequently touched by all family members throughout the day. Also called high-touch surfaces, these include switches, door handles, tables, taps, cabinet handles, toilet seats, flush handles, toys and play equipment, etc. It is best to clean and disinfect these surfaces daily along with all outdoor play area surfaces. 

Ideally, use a regular household detergent and water to clean the dust or dirt from these surfaces. You can also use household cleaning wipes or spray to clean them. Do check the label instructions on the spray before using it. You can use the same disinfecting tips for outdoor play surfaces too. 


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Now that the surfaces are clean, you can start the disinfection process. Use a suitable disinfectant, like a bleach-based (sodium hypochlorite) product such as Domex Floor Cleaner, which is active against respiratory viruses, as recommended by the International Scientific Forum on Home and Hygiene. Read the pack for instructions before use and always test on a small part.

2) For Laundry

You need to know how to sanitise your clothes. Bacteria, virus and germs don’t reside only on surfaces, but also on clothes. Ensure that all clothes, including your kids’ school uniforms, dirty playclothes and the entire family’s clothes, are thoroughly washed with a good antibacterial detergent. You can also try Lifebuoy Laundry Sanitizer. Read pack for instructions before use and always test on a small part first. To preserve clothes, wash them according to the instructions on their care labels. If possible, you can wash using the warmest possible water setting as per the label. 

To keep your kids’ clothes germ-free and soft, you could also use an antibacterial fabric conditioner. Fold the clothes once they are thoroughly dried in the sun, or in the warmest possible temperature in the dryer, as per the clothing label. 

3) For Personal Household Items

Ideally, every family member should have separate dishes, glasses, cutlery, tiffin boxes, etc. Even their towels and bedding should not be shared with other family members. If you have pets at home, they too should have separate utensils, beddings and towels. Wash all these items thoroughly with soap and water or household disinfectant after use.

4) For Personal Hygiene

Practise good personal hygiene, as children tend to emulate their elders. Make sure you wash your hands frequently using soap and water or a sanitiser. Please do this before and after making meals for the family, before and after eating, after using the bathroom, etc. 

Lovingly and patiently teach your kids to do the same. Gently remind them till the habit of washing their hands after coming home (from school, classes, the park, etc.) is ingrained in them. Every time you cough or sneeze, make sure you cover your mouth with a tissue or your elbow (if a tissue is not available). Discard the tissue in the dustbin and teach your kid to do the same. It also helps if shared spaces, like the living room, bathroom or kitchen, are airy and well-ventilated.

Follow these simple yet effective tips to keep your kids and your family safe from illnesses. 

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