When Did You Last Clean Curtains, Shelves and Mirrors at Home? Clean Them Now!

Have you been putting off cleaning certain surfaces or a few hard-to-reach corners of your house for way too long? Make use of the available time and start a regular cleaning regime today!


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How Often do you Clean Curtains, Shelves and Mirrors at Home? | Get Set Clean

If you’ve been too busy to deep-clean your house for months, now is the time to take up pending home-cleaning projects. It’s a good idea to utilise your time while you are staying indoors because cleaning your home can be therapeutic. 

Has your mirror turned foggy, or your white pillow covers turned yellow? Daily office work and household chores might have forced you to overlook these before. However, the time is right to start cleaning them.

1) Mixer and Grinder


Has your dependable mixer and grinder accumulated grime? Add a mixture of water and dishwashing gel to the container and turn on your mixer. This will clean the insides of your mixer without you having to touch the sharp blades. You can use Vim dishwashing liquid to make the soapy solution. It is easily available in the market. 

2) Microwave

Since you are staying home these days, you might want to bake for your family, or even try to make a homemade pizza. But when did you last clean your microwave? Use water and a dishwashing liquid to clean it and make it hygienic. Ensure that you let it dry thoroughly before you use it again.

3) Kitchen Shelves

We wash our utensils every day, but hardly get time to wipe down the shelves in our kitchen. As a result, oil and grime accumulate in these high-touch surfaces. All these surfaces can be cleaned with a regular household detergent and water. 

4) Spice Containers

Have the spice containers in our kitchen turned oily and sticky? Empty all the contents and clean the containers with a mixture of water and dishwashing liquid. Wipe them dry before you fill them up with spices again.

5) Water Bottles

If you have not washed your water bottles recently, they may start smelling funny. Make a mixture of water and dishwashing liquid and pour it into the bottles. Let this stay for a few hours or even overnight. Next, clean them thoroughly with running water.

6) Lampshades

Although you love the lamps at home, you may hardly have had time to clean the lampshades. Why not take this task up now to give your home a bright look? You can wipe metal lampshades with an old cloth, and hand-wash them if they are made of cloth. 

7) Window Curtains

Bring down your window curtains and put them in your washing machine. Ensure that no hooks are attached to them. Dry the curtains in the shade, as direct sunlight could cause discolouration.

8) White Pillowcases

White pillowcases look like fluffy clouds on your bed. However, with time, they tend to turn yellow. You can now wash them to remove the stains. You could use a bleach-based (sodium hypochlorite) product like Rin Ala for sheets and clothes to make them white again. Rin Ala is a sodium hypochlorite bleach and is recommended for use on white clothes only. Remember to wear gloves when handling it, and do not use it on coloured clothes. You can also try using Rin Antibac to wash your pillowcases and other clothes.

9) Mirrors

Have the mirrors in your home turned foggy? Your wardrobe and dressing mirrors accumulate dust and make-up particles and get dirty. Use an old newspaper or lint-free cloth to wipe the mirrors and watch them sparkle again!

10) Shower Curtains

Shower curtains help keep the rest of your bathroom dry, but end up accumulating foam and lather. Wash them with detergent and water and see them shine anew!

Cleaning your house can be a good idea when you are spending a lot of time indoors. Use our cleaning tips to keep your home free of dust and germs. You’ll be safeguarding your family’s health as well.

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