8 Hygiene Tips to Keep in Mind When You Return to Work Post-lockdown

As the lockdown eases and you return to your office, keep these tips in mind to stay protected from germs and infections.


8 Hygiene Tips for Returning to Office Post-Lockdown | Get Set Clean
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Post lockdown, when you resume working from office, you will be working with people in close proximity. Follow these hygiene tips and pointers for a safe working experience. 

Do not go to work if you or any of your family member feels unwell. Ask your colleagues to do the same.

1) Disinfect Your Workstation

While your employer may be sanitising and disinfecting the office before employees’ step in each day, each employee should take up the responsibility of disinfecting their own work station for added safety. Use a suitable disinfectant spray such as Domex Multi-Purpose Disinfectant Spray, which kills germs. Always test on a small hidden area and rinse to check compatibility first. Don't forget to read the instructions on the product, and check if it's recommended for soft and porous surfaces.

For cleaning surfaces like pencil holders, keyboards, desks, chairs and tables, check the back of the pack before use. 

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2) Keep a Sanitiser

Place a bottle of sanitiser on your table and carry one in your bag. Ask your colleagues to use it each time they come over to your workstation. You, too, must use the sanitiser after reaching office, between work and before leaving office. 

3) Wear a Mask

Wear a mask to office and always carry an extra mask carefully packed in your bag. Do not talk to colleagues without wearing a protective mask. 

4) Maintain Social Distancing

Limit the number of people crowding around your laptop or workspace. It is advisable to book larger rooms for discussions and ensure colleagues sit at least 6 feet apart from each other. 

According to CDC, activities are safer if you can maintain at least 6 feet of space between you and others, because COVID-19 spreads easier between people who are within 6 feet of each other.

Remember to disinfect the conference room table and chairs before using them. Ensure the meeting or conference room is disinfected thoroughly after every session. 

5) Wear Gloves

It may be tiresome to wear gloves all the time, but it is a good idea to use them while visiting the office restroom or while commuting between office and home. Keep disposable gloves handy and dispose them carefully after use. Limit exposing your hands to external surfaces like bathroom doorknobs and washbasin taps as much as you can.  

6) Avoid High Touch Surfaces

Staircase railing, elevator buttons, coffee machines and water dispensers are some high touch surfaces in an office. It is important to avoid touching them often and always washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water if you touch them. It is advisable to carry your own water bottle and lunch boxes and eat at your desk if possible. Maintain social distancing if you visit the office canteen. It is best to avoid crowded lifts and take staircases if possible. 

7) Educate Colleagues

Explain the need to constantly disinfect and sanitise shared office equipment like staplers, pens etc. to your colleagues. Use well-worded, clear and simple words to communicate. You need everyone’s co-operation to maintain a clean and safe workspace. 

8) Clean Your Phone

Do not forget to sanitise your mobile phone or laptop regularly. 




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