6 Top Tips to Keep your Children Safe after the Coronavirus Lockdown

Once the lockdown ends, your children may have to go back to school or want to go to the park. We have listed the top tips to keep your kids safe from infections after the lockdown is lifted.


6 Top Tips to Keep your Children Safe after the Coronavirus Lockdown
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It is possible that post lockdown, educational institutes, parks and other public places will start opening in phases, based on government directives. This is the time when your kids may have to start going back to school or may want to spend their evenings playing in the park. Since children are vulnerable to infections, it is essential to take complete care and precautions. In this article, we have compiled a list of precautions you can take for your children once they get back to their routine after the lockdown.

1) Educate Your Kids and Encourage Activity

Parents play an important role in educating their children. Tell them about the pandemic in simple terms and don’t make it sound too scary for them. Tell them why it is essential to take precautions and lead with example. Explain in detail, ask them questions and understand how much they already know. It is important to tell your children what happens if one gets sick with the coronavirus. Give them a clear picture of the situation by answering their doubts truthfully. During the times they are home, it is important to encourage your kids to stay active through playing games, stretching, dancing and so on. It helps improve focus and keeps mental and physical health in place.

2) Inculcate Hygiene Habits

Inculcate in them the habit of sanitising hands either by washing their hands with a good soap or with a hand sanitiser. Tell them the importance of sanitising hands after coming in contact with any high-touch surface like doorknobs, bookshelf, switch buttons and so on. Make a 20-second fun song for them to sing while washing their hands to make it a happy experience for them. You could be their role model. When you wash your hands regularly, they are likely to follow you. You can also make hygiene routine a family activity. Create short stories to explain to them how a hand sanitiser or soap fight and kill germs like their favourite superhero. Don’t forget to clean their toys and items that they touch every day.

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3) Teach Social Distancing

Teach your children about the importance of safe distance, which should be a minimum of 6 feet between their friends. Suggest new ways for them to greet their friends from a safe distance. It’s good to explain how the virus spreads through the droplets of cough from another person. When they get a clear picture, following safety rules becomes easy for them. Remember to make these discussions a positive experience for the little ones.

Parents have different views on social distancing, while some may be following the social distancing protocol strictly, some may be following it less strictly. While you teach your kids the importance of social distancing, it is also important to know that children need interaction. Sometimes it is possible that they might be missing play time with their friends and are feeling left out. This is can affect their mental health. To prevent that from happening, try to keep them digitally connected via phone calls or video calls. When they are in touch with their friends and family, they are less likely to feel lonely. When they are cheerful, they will use their time to boost different areas of their growth.

4) Disinfect their Laundry

It’s important to disinfect all your kids’ garments, including their daily wear, school uniform, sportswear and so on after washing their clothes. It is important to maintain school uniform and their cleanliness along with school bags regularly.

While taking your kid’s garments for laundry, avoid shaking them as it can cause the germs to disperse into the air, thereby spreading the risk. Always check the care label on the garments and wash them at the highest hot water temperature mentioned on it. Wash the garments thoroughly and dry them completely before storing them away. Both the steps are important to eliminate germs. You can dry their white garments in sunlight; it acts as a natural disinfectant. We suggest you opt for a good detergent and a commercial laundry disinfectant.

5) Prepare a Care Kit

Prepare a care kit comprising the essentials they will need in school. The school administration may notify you regarding the same, but it is best to prepare the kit in advance. The kit should include a face mask, a hand sanitiser, a pair of gloves, tissue papers, hand kerchiefs, wet wipes, and so on. Do not forget to give them water bottles. Encourage them to drink a good amount of water throughout the day as it is important to stay hydrated during this time. Remind your children to not share cutlery with friends and to use their own during the tiffin break. Tell them the importance of maintaining distance during food and outdoor activity breaks.

6) Make Healthy Food

Healthy food equals a healthy body. Incorporate healthy food in your children’s diet so that it can help nourish their body and build a strong immune system. Consult your paediatrician if needed. Gradually inculcate in your kids the habit of having fruits and greens instead of junk food. It is also a good idea to motivate them to exercise daily. Always teach by example and join them in their activities to motivate them.

And there you have it! Stepping out with maximum protection is going to be the new normal for the foreseeable future. But the entire world is in this together, so you need not worry. Children are health crusaders. Once you ensure maximum safety for your children and the family, the rest should be fine. Try these safety precautions to keep your child safe after the lockdown is lifted.

Ensure your kids follow good respiratory hygiene such as using tissues or a handkerchief while sneezing. Allow your children to take rest and drink lots of healthy juices and water.





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