Want to look uber-smart at the office party? Check out these simple tips on how you can dress smart!

Office parties are a place where everyone wants to shine in their style. If you’re looking for some tips on how to dress smart, you’ve come to the right place! Read on to know how you can be comfortable in your own skin, but can also make heads turn at the same time.


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How To Dress Smart For an Office Party | Get Set Clean
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  • Clothes

    You can never go wrong with a tux or that perfect little black dress. You can also opt for contrasts. A casual jacket over a trendy trouser or a solid coloured top with a patterned skirt.

  • Accessories

    Add a watch and a belt. A shoulder bag/purse to keep all your essentials in one place mainly your phone, makeup and money. Do not overdo it.

  • Shoes

    Casual shoes or oxfords are a no-brainer. Couple them with colourful, trendy patterned socks. But always remember to match your shoes to your belt. For the ladies, a pair of perfect heels or pumps can work wonders.

Party hard!

Get yourself a coat that matches your look, that will add another element of elegance.

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