Secrets to Making Your Clothes Last Longer

Worried about your clothes looking dull after a couple of uses? Here are some tips to restore life into used fabrics.


Secrets to Making Your Clothes Last Longer
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Once you wash the same garment multiple times, especially coloured ones, they tend to fade and appear dull. Don’t worry, this is natural! Like everything else, clothes also age. Imagine if we tell you that you can keep them looking new for a long time. You can!

We understand that there are some clothes that you love and simply can't part with. So, to help you enjoy your favourite clothes for longer, we’ve come up with some really useful tips.

1) Use White Vinegar

Add ½ glass white vinegar to your washing load to improve the effectiveness of your detergent and to keep your clothes soft.

2) Turn Clothes Inside Out

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Your clothes can get damaged in the dryer, especially those with a lot of beadwork on them. Turn your clothes inside so the washing routine doesn’t damage those garments. By doing this, the beadwork on your clothes remain intact and the garment comes out of the washer looking as good as new.

3) Protect Your Clothes from Direct Sunlight

Hang your clothes to dry, away from direct sunlight or heat, in order to prevent fading.

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4) Use Cold Water to Wash

Always use cold water for washing your clothes. Washing your clothes in cold water instead of hot helps keep their colours intact. It also prevents the fabric from shrinking, conserves energy and saves you money. Clearly a lot of benefits!

5) Use Coffee or Tea for Dark Clothes

Add 2 cups of brewed coffee or strong tea (without milk or sugar) to the rinse cycle to restore the colour of your black and dark coloured clothes.

It’s easy to restore life to your favourite garment. Just keep these simple and effective tips in mind.

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