Do You Love Your Shoes? Here’s How to Make Them Last Longer!

Looking for helpful tips to keep your favourite pair of shoes in mint condition for long? Try these handy tips.


5 Tips to Make your Shoes Last Longer | Get Set Clean
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Do you have a few pairs of shoes you want to save for eternity? We get that! When you invest in a good pair of shoes, you want to get the best return on your investment. Whether you wear them to make a statement, or to give your feet a comfortable cushion, it is important to take extra care of your shoes to allow them to last longer. If you’re in search of handy tips to preserve your shoes, your search ends right here.

Try these tips to keep your shoes in good condition for longer.

1) Avoid Washing

Avoid washing your shoes frequently, as this can damage the glue that keeps your shoes together and can wear the soles out. Instead of washing, use a brush to clear loose dirt and dust. Do this once a week to keep the dirt from accumulating.

2) Shape Matters

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Fill your shoes with crumpled newspaper when you’re not wearing them. This will help maintain their shape and keep them looking like new.

3) Dry Feet Only

Always towel-dry your feet before wearing your shoes. Damp or moist feet can cause your shoes to become musty.

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4) Say No to Plastic

Much like our skin, shoes require adequate airflow. It’s not advisable to store your shoes inside a plastic bag. If you don’t wear them regularly, you can store your shoes inside a shoe box, wrapped in butter paper. This will protect your shoes from attracting dust and grime.

5) Categorise and Store

We suggest you categorise your shoes into two types, the ones you wear regularly i.e. flats and shoes, and the ones you wear occassionally i.e. stilettos and boots. This makes it easy for you to find them on time.

And there you have it. Making your shoes last longer isn’t difficult anymore!

Shoes protect your feet. So it’s good to protect them with some extra care too. Keep this guide handy to take care of your shoes the right way.

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